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  • DJ Lily ‎– BROR05 12″

    16,00 (Outside EU: 12,80)
    Deep techno from DJ Lily via Bror Records (Audio clips from digital version)
  • The Great Learning Orchestra "Miniatures" consists of 56 pieces of music as a presentation of a number of the musicians and artists who gather in the orchestra. The songs are as different as the members of the orchestra - the collections for the "Miniatures" are that they are one minute long.
  • Techno from Stanislav Tolkachev via Pohjola (Audio sampler from digital version)
  • Experimental techno from Stanislav Tolkachev via Pohjola (Audio sampler from digital version)
  • Celldöd ‎– KESS07 12″

    16,00 (Outside EU: 12,80)
    Industrial electro and EBM from Celldöd via Kess Kill (Audio sampler from digital version)  
  • Dold – Mother EP 12″

    15,00 (Outside EU: 12,00)
    Quality techno with some fresh ambient from Dold via Arsenik Records (audio sampler from digital version)
  • Carl Craig ‎– Versus (3×12″)

    38,00 (Outside EU: 30,40)
    Perfect blend of neo classical and techno from Carl Craig via Infiné/Planet E (album sampler from digital version)
  • Daniel Andréasson ‎– LP1 (2×12″)

    26,00 (Outside EU: 20,80)
    Leftfield techno from Daniel Andréasson via Skudge White (album sampler from digital version)
  • The Exorcist GBG ‎– II LP

    26,00 (Outside EU: 20,80)
    Psychedelic from The Exorcist GBG via Höga nord rekords (album sampler from digital version)
  • Mattias Fridell ‎– Regelbundet Slarv EP

    16,00 (Outside EU: 12,80)
    Techno from Mattias Fridell via Gynoid Limited (audio clips from digital version)
  • Pentatones ‎– Glowing 12″

    15,00 (Outside EU: 12,00)
    Progressive deep house from Pentatones ‎with remix from Marek Hemmann and Hofuku Sochi ‎via Labensfreude Records (Audio clip from digital version)
  • Edmundy – Stag Beetle 12″

    14,00 (Outside EU: 11,20)
    Techno from Edmundy ‎‎via Spazio records (Audio sampler from vinyl)