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Organic – Under Your Carbon Constellation

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Cold Wave Electro New Wave Post-Punk Stoner from Organic at Complete Control Productions.

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In stock


Artist: Organic 
Title: Under Your Carbon Constellation
Format: 2XLP Vinyl
Cat nr: CCP2LP001
Genre: Electronic Cold Wave Electro New Wave Post-Punk Stoner 

This first effort is a synthesis of influences from early 80’s new wave to post rock. A wide range of musical mastery is on display here including coldwave, noise, vintage electronic loops and deep, expressive vocals. 

This project began as recently as 2011 when Joris Oster and Raphaël Haubourdin decided to start an electro band merging the power of fuzzy post-punk bass guitar with electronics. As soon as they entered the recording studio the right sonic alchemy was there. Joris, also a member of Silver Riot, delivers brutal bass in perfect sync with the keyboards, sequences and voice of Raphaël Haubourdin (who is also behind the dark wave project Graceland). 

Preceded by the brilliant single “Waves are running”, this album is all about the interplay between atmospheric electronics and raw live instrumentation. “Johnny Craque”, with its pulsating beat and French lyrics, is a swaggering dancefloor filler while opener “Seeds” bludgeons its way forward through expansive soundscapes. At times reminiscent of compatriots like Neon Judgement and Men 2nd, this is a revelation for those of us who grew up listening to the sound of the Belgian underground scene back in the day. 

Organic: efficient and original sounds to twist your mind.


1. Seeds 04:28

2. Johnny Craque 04:27

3. Waves Are Running 03:34

4. Sequence Of My Projector 03:17

5. Disturbing Street 02:44

6. Ordinary World 03:46

7. The Day Of The Locust 04:01

8. Katharina Distortion 03:58

9. Colossal Baroque 05:07

10. The Meat We Kill 05:19

11. UFO 03:22

12. Waiting 09:52