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  • Plasmafuse – Crows in the cornfield – CD

    14,00 (Outside EU: 14,00)
    Industrial dark ambient from Plasmafuse via Fierce Transmission (Audoclip, track 1, Crows in the cornfield)
  • Sale!

    Tape Lamour winter bundle (4 x cassette incl. download)

    38,00 26,60 (Outside EU: 21,28)
    In the fall and winter of 2017, Tape Lamour released 4 cassettes with 4 great artists A Thousand Mouths (Malmö) Dee Grinski (Moscow), LEHNBERG (Gävle) and Llarks (Birmingham, US). In this bundle you will get all this 4 tapes including digital download via band camp.  
  • Noise, ambient and dark ambient from Russian Dee Grinski via Tape Lamour (Sampler from digital version)
  • Claudia Bonarelli ‎– Ecocide (cassette)

    10,00 (Outside EU: 10,00)
    Ambient, techno and experimental darkness from Claudia Bonarelli ‎‎via Purlieu recordings (audio sampler from digital version)
  • nordBeck ‎– Blenterop 1491 (cassette)

    10,00 (Outside EU: 10,00)
    Dark ambient and experimental darkness from nordBeck ‎via Purlieu recordings (audio sampler from digital version)
  • Död ‎– Vacation 4-ever (cassette)

    7,00 (Outside EU: 7,00)
    Dark drone, acid techno and experimental darkness from Död via Funeral Fog Records. Audioclip (sampler from cassette)
  • Sonja Tofik ‎– Neuros (cassette)

    8,00 (Outside EU: 8,00)
    Ambient, neofolk & drone from Sonja Tofik ‎via Moloton (Audio sampler from cassette)  
  • Slim Vic – Personliga Artiklar

    18,00 (Outside EU: 14,40)
    Personliga Artiklar from Slim Vic is pure electrical energy from the bottom of rage to clean sanded adventurous sound hypnosis! (Audio sampler from digital version)
  • Ambient and industrial drone from Sa Bruxa ‎via Worship the tentacular god (Audio sampler from digital version)
  • Sale!

    Mars deluxe bundle

    84,00 65,00 (Outside EU: 52,00)
    What an amazing month march was! We released four top notch vinyl releases! We started with The Deer Tracks, followed by Bottenvikens Silverkyrka, Slim Vic and last Motormännen! Buy them all for the ultra low campaign price!
  • Fierce Transmission 01 CD

    14,00 (Outside EU: 11,20)
    Industrial dark ambient from Fierce Transmission (Album sampler, 2 min from each track)
  • Joel Brindefalk ‎– The Cripple

    21,00 (Outside EU: 16,80)
    Industrial ambient and EAM from Joel Brindefalk ‎‎via UFO Mongo (Audio sampler from vinyl version)