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  • Techno and experimental ambient from Varg via Posh Isolation (Audio sampler from digital version)
  • Dungeon Acid – Dungeon Acid 2LP

    31,99 (Outside EU: 25,59)
    Tecno and acid from Dungeon Acid ‎via iDEAL Recordings (album sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)  
  • Tale Of Us – Endless Remixes 2×12″

    31,99 (Outside EU: 25,59)
    The beloved album Endless by Tale of Us has been remixed by some of the biggest name in the electronica scene! (Audio sample from digital version)
  • Tim Hecker – Love Streams 2×12″

    31,99 (Outside EU: 25,59)
    Ambient from Tim Hecker via AD4 (Audio sampler from digital source)
  • Sale!

    Bottenvikens Silverkyrka – Bundle x3

    35,97 30,30 (Outside EU: 24,24)
    Acid techno infused with the message of eternity in the tradition of the swedish revival movement. Bottenvikens Silverkyrka!
  • The Great Learning Orchestra "Miniatures" consists of 56 pieces of music as a presentation of a number of the musicians and artists who gather in the orchestra. The songs are as different as the members of the orchestra - the collections for the "Miniatures" are that they are one minute long.
  • Fylkingen is a society, consisting primarily of practicing artists, devoted to the production and promotion of new music and intermedia art.  Since its foundation in 1933, initially as a chamber music society, Fylkingen has been committed to experimental, new and unestablished forms of contemporary arts. The very first concerts of electroacoustic music in Sweden were arranged by Fylkingen in the early 1950's, and further radicalization occurred during the 1960's with the happenings, musical theatres and text-sound compositions prominent on the society's programme. The new book covers the years 1994 - 2013 with a dozen texts in both Swedish and English, lots of pictures, lists of Fylkingen Records issuance, Fylkingen publications and all performances of the past 20 years, Index, and a DVD with unique filmed material.    
  • Simian Mobile Disco – Murmurations LP

    29,99 (Outside EU: 23,99)
    Experimental melodic techno from Simian Mobile Disco via Wichita/Pias (Audio sample from digital source)
  • Extrawelt – Unknown (3×12″)

    29,99 (Outside EU: 23,99)
    Electro and techno from Extrawelt via Cocoon recordings (Audio sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)
  • Ambient from Brian Eno via Virgin/EMI (Audio sampler from digital source)
  • Brian Eno ‎– The Ship (2×12″)

    29,99 (Outside EU: 23,99)
    Ambient and pop from Brian Eno via Warp records (Audio clip from digital version)
  • Electro and techno from Helena Hauff via Ninja Tune (Audio sample from digital source)