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  • Lovely Carpenter-stylish cosmic-synth/synth/pop & electronica from Cement. Rundgång Records - Malmö (album sampler from digital source)
  • Fylkingen is a society, consisting primarily of practicing artists, devoted to the production and promotion of new music and intermedia art.  Since its foundation in 1933, initially as a chamber music society, Fylkingen has been committed to experimental, new and unestablished forms of contemporary arts. The very first concerts of electroacoustic music in Sweden were arranged by Fylkingen in the early 1950's, and further radicalization occurred during the 1960's with the happenings, musical theatres and text-sound compositions prominent on the society's programme. The new book covers the years 1994 - 2013 with a dozen texts in both Swedish and English, lots of pictures, lists of Fylkingen Records issuance, Fylkingen publications and all performances of the past 20 years, Index, and a DVD with unique filmed material.    
  • Francis Heery – Cascade

    4,99 (Outside EU: 3,99)
    Cascade is a delicate abstract soundscape, incorporating synthesized textures that evoke the unearthly sci-fi weirdness of bio-acoustic phenomena. (Audio clip from digital version)
  • Ela Orleans – Circles of Upper Hell

    6,00 (Outside EU: 6,00)
    Electronica from Ela Orleans via OMA333 (audio sampler from cassette)          
  • Rite of Final Hours

    6,00 (Outside EU: 6,00)
    Drone by Rite of Final Hours via Do You Dream Of Noise? (audio sample from cassette)  
  • Dark ambient, drone and field recordings from Permafrost AC via Do You Dream Of Noise? (audio sampler from cassette)  
  • Roya / Nascent state split 7″

    6,00 (Outside EU: 6,00)
    Synthwave from Roya & Nascent state on a split 7"  (audio sampler from digital version)
  • Nihad Tule ‎– Disciplina / Mitologem

    9,99 (Outside EU: 7,99)
  • Chicagojazzen ‎– Ständut Black

    14,99 (Outside EU: 11,99)
    Experimental/psychedelic rock and avant garde from Chicagojazzen (Erik Karlsson) via Zeon light skiva (audioclip preview from digital version) 
  • Slim Vic – Personliga Artiklar

    14,99 (Outside EU: 11,99)
    Personliga Artiklar from Slim Vic is pure electrical energy from the bottom of rage to clean sanded adventurous sound hypnosis! (Audio sampler from digital version)
  • Post classical from Tvärvägen via Hare Tracks (album sampler from digital version)
  • Andrew Weatherall ‎– Qualia (cassette)

    9,99 (Outside EU: 7,99)
    Psychelectro and electronica from Andrew Weatherall via Höga Nord Rekords. (Audio sampler from digital version)
  • Ambient from Alpha Mound via Tape Lamour (Sampler from digital version)
  • Tross – The Overview Effect LP

    19,99 (Outside EU: 15,99)
    Psychedelic kraut from Tross via Höga nord rekords (album sampler from digital source, 1 min form each song)
  • Various artist – Acid Fika 2×12″

    25,99 (Outside EU: 20,79)
    Compilation with Swedish ACID heroes via RE-303 Records (Audio sampler from digital version, 1 min from each song)
  • Boulderdash & Perseid – Lost Spaces LP

    10,00 (Outside EU: 10,00)
    Electronica and  ambient from Boulderdash & Perseid via Audionaut capsule (audio sampler from digital source)
  • Singular – Två LP

    17,99 (Outside EU: 14,39)
    Modern classical, piano & IDM from Singular via Lamour Records (audio sampler from digital source, 2 min from each song)  
  • Kosmische ambient and synth from Angst Sessions, self released in limited 100 copies (audio sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)
  • Motormännen slipmat

    9,99 (Outside EU: 7,99)
    Motormännen slipmat
  • Daniel Troberg – Acid Story EP

    9,99 (Outside EU: 7,99)
    Acid & Techno from Daniel Troberg via Acid Lamour (Audio clips from digital source)
  • Bottenvikens Silverkyrka water bottle

    3,99 (Outside EU: 3,19)
    Bottenvikens Silverkyrka water bottle
  • Robert Leiner – Melomania LP

    19,99 (Outside EU: 15,99)
    Electronica/Techno/Kraut from Robert Leiner via Höga nord rekords (album preview from digital source)
  • Hypnotower ‎– Unlearn LP

    14,99 (Outside EU: 11,99)
    Dark experimental from Hypnotower via iDEAL Recordings (album sampler from vinyl source)
  • Plastic Planet – Hard Working People LP

    11,99 (Outside EU: 9,59)
    Swedish Retro Synth-pop from Plastic Planet via Dödsdans Rekords. (Audio sampler from digital source)
  • Cassette head cleaners

    2,99 (Outside EU: 2,39)
    Cassette head cleaners
  • Melodic techno and house from A Thousand Mouths via Tape Lamour (Sampler from digital version)
  • Silk ambient from LEHNBERG via Tape Lamour (Sampler from digital version)
  • Pistol Disco ‎– Assault II 7″

    16,99 (Outside EU: 13,59)
    Kraut from Pistol Disco via Höga Nord Rekords. (Audio clip from digital version)
  • Mokira – Chill out LP

    14,99 (Outside EU: 11,99)
    Ambient from Mokira (Andreas Tilliander) via Kontra Musik (Audio clips from digital versions)
  • Ambient and drone from various artist via Tape Lamour (Sampler from digital version, 1 min from each song)
  • Roya – Hive LP

    22,00 (Outside EU: 22,00)
    Synthwave from Roya via eshqi records (Audio sampler from digital version, 1 min from each song)
  • Modern classical, ambient & IDM from LEHNBERG & Slim Vic via Lamour Records (audio sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)  
  • Slim Vic – Brain Mash LP

    14,99 (Outside EU: 11,99)
    Brain Mash is a terrifying journey into Slim Vics somewhat odd hypno musical world. (album sampler from digital source)
  • Cloudsound – Axiom of Maria (cassette)

    6,00 (Outside EU: 6,00)
    Silk ambient from Cloudsound via Do You Dream Of Noise? (audio sampler from cassette)
  • PRO424 – Before Immunity LP + download

    17,99 (Outside EU: 14,39)
    Synth and electronica with a touch of kraut and techno from PRO424 via Lamour Records (audio clips from digital source)
  • Deep dark industrial ambient. A slowly evolving soundscape with boiling buzzing sounds, resonating through the dark world. from Slim Vic via Lamour Records (Audio sampler from digital source)