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  • Slim Vic 7″ slipmat

    7,99 (Outside EU: 6,39)
    Slim Vic 7" slipmat
  • Graham Dunning slipmat #2

    9,99 (Outside EU: 7,99)
    Graham Dunning slipmat #2
  • Motormännen slipmat

    9,99 (Outside EU: 7,99)
    Motormännen slipmat
  • Acid Lamour slipmat

    9,99 (Outside EU: 7,99)
    Acid Lamour slipmat
  • Ambient/Dark ambient from Flavien Gillié via Lagerstätte (sampler from digital version, 1 min from each song)
  • Carl Borg – Inside Switch EP 12″

    11,99 (Outside EU: 9,59)
    Deep house from Carl Borg via Swedish Brandy (Audio clips from digital source)
  • Various artists – BROR08

    11,99 (Outside EU: 9,59)
    Various artist Techno via BROR Records (Audio clips from digital source)
  • Various artist House via Audible Communication (Audio clips from digital source)
  • Simbad Feat. Andre Espeut – Reconnect 12″

    12,99 (Outside EU: 10,39)
    Deep house from Simbad Feat. Andre Espeut Borg via Swedish Brandy (Audio clips from digital source)
  • House and deep house compilation from Shall Not Fade (Audio clips from digital source)
  • Modern classical and ambient from Ellen Fullman & Okkyung Lee via 1703 Skivbolaget (audio sample from digital source)  
  • Alexander Höglund – SUBSTANCE LP

    22,00 (Outside EU: 22,00)
    Sound art, painkillers from Alexander Höglund (album sampler from vinyl source)