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Kerosene Kream / Caligulas Mamma – Self Titled x2 (cassette + download)

6,50 (Outside EU: 5,20)

In stock

Punk from Kerosene Kream / Caligulas Mamma via Kalkatraz cassettes (Audio sampler from digital version)

In stock

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Artist: Kerosene Kream / Caligulas Mamma
Title: Self Titled x2
Format: Cassette
Label: Kalkatraz cassettes
Cat nr: KTC014
Genre: Punk

Cassette include. digital download via Bandcamp.
Limited to 50 copies


A1.Kerosene Kream – Fever 02:10
A2.Kerosene Kream – Vomit 01:49
A3.Kerosene Kream – Sick Tattoo 01:11
A4.Kerosene Kream – Dog SS 01:35
A5.Kerosene Kream – Konks 01:39
A6.Kerosene Kream – Where Is My Dog 03:06
A7.Kerosene Kream – Dumpster Truck 01:14
A8.Kerosene Kream – Crusty Eye 02:25
A9.Kerosene Kream – Sand 04:39
B1.Caligulas Mamma – Förlossning 01:42
B2.Caligulas Mamma – Slicka Mig Ren 01:49
B3.Caligulas Mamma – Liket Är Kallt 01:55
B4.Caligulas Mamma – Nej 01:52
B5.Caligulas Mamma – Fortsätt Vara Sjuk 05:47
B6.Caligulas Mamma – Fet, Äcklig Och Överdriven 03:41

Hi-Position (Type II) c40 half red half black cassette + stickers & extra digital download.
A split between Kerosene Kream and Caligulas Mamma.
Recorded live on a dirty 8-track.

/Kerosene Kream/
A bit like X, but both louder and better.
/Caligulas Mamma/
Basement punks and your favourite roman emperors mother.

Cover: Daniel Delange

Kalkatraz Cassettes
Cassette label from the heart of Gotland.
Dropping electronic noise, experimental beats, time stretched live recordings and general midi-based compositions.

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