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Magnus Lassila – Underwater Music (cassette)

8,99 (Outside EU: 7,19)

Only 2 left in stock

Ambient from Magnus Lassila via Fluere tapes (sampler from digital source, 2 min from each song)


Only 2 left in stock

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Artist: Magnus Lassila
Title: Underwater Music
Format: Cassette tape inkl download code from Bandcamp

Label: Fluere tapes
Cat nr: FT18
Genre: Ambient

1.Into the cave 04:45
2.Seabreeze 09:36
3.Tokyo Harbour 05:00
4.Underwater 02:26
5.Underwater too 17:20

Edition of 25


sinuous blue pressure eaten sun beems
under sound dispersively neath the vast
Underwater music:
For these tracks I have tried to amalgamate two separate themes.• Program music, to envision a certain event or series of events
through music.
• Sound travels faster in denser materials like water and this of course
affects sound properties like frequency response, doppler effect and
virtually nullifying natural echo.I’ve tried to do so while maintaining a level of insecurity or chaos if you will. As nature is perhaps the best creator of chaos there is.
So how does music sound under water? And how do you depict events within or around water? The simple answer is – “I don’t know” but I’ve tried to envision the muddiness of being underwater and building the music around given elements like tide, waves and underwater currents. Trying to give the music and the sounds a certain “flow” and dissonance. While the music in itself tells a given story it also lets you wander in spirit and meditate and fill your own ocean of reflections.If possible, this should be enjoyed whilst having a bath to give you the full underwater experience.Some random sources of inspiration for this underwater odyssey:
Atlantis – Björn J:son Lindh
Le Grand Bleu – Eric Serra
La Petite Fille de La Mer – Vangelis
The Abyss – Alan Silvestri

/ Magnus Lassila (MonkeMountainStudios) 20210111

Art: Magnus Lassila


Underwater Music by Magnus Lassila

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Dimensions 11 × 7 × 1.7 cm

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