– Technicolor Dreams (cassette)

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Ambient from ‎‎via Purlieu recordings (audio sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)


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Title: Technicolor Dreams
Format: Cassette C-36
Label: Purlieu recordings
Cat nr: PEU014
Genre: AmbientTracklist

A1 Cascadia 4:58
A2 Demoiselle 3:10
A3 Glimmering 4:45
A4 Materia 4:49
B1 Medit 2:46
B2 Warm 3:32
B3 Lento 3:05
B4 Ys 4:04
Pro dubbed HOT neon pink tapes with handmade covers, each copy is unique. Strictly limited to 30 copies.

“Technicolor Dreams” is a collection of short pieces written using electric guitars and field recordings. A sort of ode for sounds and images to the places of my childhood and adolescence spent in my hometown, Brindisi, a small city in the region of Apulia in Southern Italy.

All guitars were originally recorded on a Philips Cassette Recorder Amplifier D6550 using self-built effects pedals.

All field recordings were taken with self-built contact mics and a Tascam DR-05 during the summer of 2018 at Isola Sant’Andrea (formerly known as “Bara”), Zona Militare di Tese, Sciaia, Diga di Punta Riso and Parco Urbano del Cillarese.

Angelo Guido is an experimental musician and sound designer based in Brindisi, Southern Italy. Born in 1982, he got a degree in Multimedia Production in 2009 and a Masterís degree in Music and Audiovisual Communication in 2012 at the University of Salento.
Initially fascinated with audio experimentation through unconventional use of the electric guitar, he has cultivated through the years a great interest in field recordings, synthesizers (he constructs pedals and drone machines under the pseudonym Lonesome Machines which make up an essential part of his  more

All track composed and mixed by Angelo Guido @ Lonesome Studios, Brindisi (Italy)
August-October 2018Artwork: Linn Schrab
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Dimensions 11 × 7 × 1,7 cm

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