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Tourist Gaze ‎– Normal (4x cassette)

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Ambient and synthwave from Tourist Gaze ‎‎via Blodad Tand (audio sample from cassette)

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Artist: Tourist Gaze
Title: Normal 
Format: Cassette x4
Label: Blodad Tand
Cat nr: 12
Genre: Ambient/Synthwave


#1 Torrevieja
A1 Guide 4:48
A2 Biblioteca Publica 4:13
B1 Diamond (Ocho Ibid.) 5:45
B2 Bjufors Real Estate 4:06
#2 Hegemony
C1 Gibraltar Ferries 5:12
C2 A Dedication To Sara Ahmed 3:56
D1 Tangier Med (Adventure Ibid.) 3:01
D2 Finding One’s Place 3:42
#3 Felix
E1 Second Generation Foreigner 4:41
E2 Vision 5:13
F1 Urban Geography 3:53
F2 Rioja (Valencia Ibid.) 3:56
# Narrative
G1 Transnational 5:05
G2 An Ethnographical Study Of Life Style Migrants 4:08
H1 Third Generation Foreigner 5:14
H2 Normal 5:17

Edition of 40

“The term normal is ambiguous to such extent that it refers both to the most common and the endevorable, both to the average and the ideal (Canguilhem 1943, Hacking 1993). Conventions of normality are therefore not only descriptive, but also regulating. By this it can be said that they are gestures of power relationships.” (Ambjörnsson 2003:21)
Normal was recorded February 2017, Berlin