Trouble Vs Glue – This Age

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Fuzzy pop punk from Trouble Vs Glue via OMA333 (audio sample from cassette)

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Artist: Trouble Vs Glue
Title: This Age
Format: Cassette
Label: OMA 333
Cat nr:  Nr.030
Genre: Pop/Punk pop/Heybaberibba pop

Italy’s Trouble Vs Glue have long been one of the most devastating live acts on the circuit but they only came my way somewhere around 2012 thanks to Oskar Carls who had seen them play a gig at Germany which blew his mind. The quickest of glances at a live clip and I was right there with him. I booked them to come to play Hemliga Trädgården (The Secret Garden, infamous former DIY venue in Stockholm) and they ripped it apart! That lucky crowd became a jumble of ecstatic limbs and I was in love. They’ve since been back twice and were awesome every time.

This killer duo makes fuzzy punky pop, which is often infectiously danceable with drums, guitars, synths, microphones and a bunch of other machines tamed into slavery. No pre-recorded stuff with these two and they somehow manage to sound like a mini no wave orchestra by playing a pile of instruments in a seemingly impossible frenzy.

The two glorious freaks behind this racket are Lady Maru of Dada Swing, Cascao & Lady Maru, Le Truc Und Die Maschine and Toni Cutrone of Hiroshima Rocks Around, Mai Mai Mai and also the guy behind the legendary NO=FI Recordings label as well as being the heart of Rome’s booking scene mostly through the great Dal Verme venue.

I’ve always been fond of the way the mighty music blog 20 Jazz Funk Greats described them;
Trouble Vs. Glue have the shake, rattle and stomp, the boy-girl shout and response, the Pynchonian collision between rockets and bongos, the synthesiser workouts arrived from an alternative universe where Bell Labs decided to invest in disinformation theory, found a way of communicating more information than existed in the original message, violated the First Law of Thermodynamics and made Faster Than Light travel possible, if not smooth…” oh yeah!

Its been thrilling to hear them evolve from album to album and I was very happy to be asked to be in charge of the cassette release of their newest masterpiece “This Age”.

Musical references? DNA, The Residents, Devo, Gary Numan, Deerhoof, Mutant Disco stuff I guess but be aware that a lot of what they play doesn’t fit anywhere!
100 yellow and black “bee” tapes are available from September 26th, with black body printing, and all of it was designed by the legendary mister Peter Larsson. 

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