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Various Artists­ OO vol. 1 by OO Recordings (cassette)

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Various artist, techno and house from 00 Records, Helsinki (audio sampler from cassette)


In stock


Artist: Various Artists­
Title: Various Artists­ OO vol. 1
Format: Cassette

Label: OO Recordings
Cat nr: 00R001
Genre: House/Techno


A1. DJ Jese & Elli -­ Jungel
A2. Westminster ­- Wenry Heston
A3. SMOOD -­ Nk10 Tones
B1. Order 909 x Virne – Mesi
B2. Edit View History – Exciting Places For Boring People
B3. Neo Geo -­ Whatever It Is (It Doesn’t Seem To Mind)
B4. Handshaking ­- Time

OO Recordings enters the cassette game with a gathering of friends from Helsinki and close by. Founded by SMOOD & Handshaking, OO Recordings serves as an outlet for emerging names and dirty­little secrets of more established artists from our local scene and for our friends from various other locations.

The ethos of the first release is to function as a zeitgeist from our creative lives in these times. Thus, we were more than thrilled to have such a great group of people collaborating on the first tape. Many of the tracks are end results of fresh collaborations as well as outputs of bold experimentation.

The A­side kicks off in the company of DJ Jese & Elli with the track Jungel. This is a mixture of arps and strong percussions and forms a DJ­tool­esque structure. It sounds just like a collaboration between one of our favorite DJ’s and a multi­instrumentalist should. Continuing on the A­side is another new collaboration, this time formed by the Friendship & Decadence affiliated Mirage Man and Veli Pietari who has previously spent more time mainly in the hip hop scene. The result of the team effort is a studio jam with a lo­fi­ish feel, possibly titled after a source of inspiration Wenry Heston. Wrapping up the A­side, the label founders from SMOOD leave you with a touch of melodic, yet melancholic vibes in their track Nk10 Tones.

The B­side starts off in the company of two young and very promising producers. Order 909 and Virne take a step towards a more laid­back soundscape with Mesi, but still manage to subtly flex their musical abilities. All those years spent at jazz schools are clearly paying off. Following up, one of our mystery contributors drops a burner with hefty kick and a synthline that longs for something long­lost. Edit View History likes to keep his identity hidden, but we can safely say that he is one of the active operators of our local underground scene. Another mystery producers, Neo Geo, follows Edit View History with a track that he simply described as ‘modern art’. Finishing off the tape, label co­founder Handshaking takes a head­on approach into the weird, yet dancefloor­y side known from his live setv with his track Time. His boldness is further amplified by the use of his own vocals, with one line especially resonating with this release and the aims we set to cover with it; I see time.

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