BURG – Pendulum Swing CD

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Ambient and Berlin-school from BURG via Ollilaboratories (Audio clips from digital source)


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Artist: BURG
Title: Pendulum Swing

Format: CD
Label: Ollilaboratories
Cat nr: 02
Genre: Ambient/Berlin-School

1 She Who Became The Moon
2 Cold Choes
3 Prediktor
4 Twelve Times Zero
5 Redux
6 Black Crash
7 Times Arrow
8 Arriving Home

CD Edition of 250 copies: 4 panel Digipak. 8 Tracks. Running Time 66:18
Non-Berlin-based musician, synthesist, and producer Jouni Ollila aka BURG creates hauntingly beautiful, experimental and driving electronic techno music.
With an ever ongoing drive to evolve into new musical territories, he blends staggering minimal beats with ambient moods, manipulating his arsenal of electronic gear into creating cold and machine-like melodies.
This new album marks a new chapter in his musical evolution. Focused on melodies and danceability, it mixes cinematic scores with refined synthesised instruments and cathartic beats.
Pendulum Swing is Jouni’s fifth full-length release as BURG, and marks the 10th anniversary of the project he kicked off in 2013. “A lot of the tracks on the album were influenced by the prolonged isolation we were all captured in, like a bubble about to burst, as we were watching the world slowly dying outside our greasy windows. Like a pendulum clock ticking, a sign of the times telling us that the end is near.”All music by Jouni Ollila. Machines recorded at studio oLLiLaboratories 2020-2021 by Jouni Ollila except Arriving Home which is made exclusively with sounds created by the esteemed BURG patreons; Anda Volley, BenByBen, Cozido, Dylan, Lun Moonatik, Martin Junius, Stuart Pritchard, Tweeeeak and Zoltan S.No analogue synths were harmed during the recordings.

released January 23, 2023

Mixed and mastered by Seigfried Meinertz. CD redbook digital mastering by Svensk Hushållssynth. Cover art by Fran

Ollilaboratories, Sweden, Independent label founded by Jouni Ollila in 2001


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