Kajsa Lindgren – Everyone Is Here CD

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Ambient, avant garde field recordings and modern classical from Kajsa Lindgren via Warm Winters (audio clip from song Trio for cello, piano and violin)


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Artist: Kajsa Lindgren
Title: Everyone Is Here
Format: CD

Label: Warm Winters Ltd.
Cat nr: WW003
Genre: Ambient/Field recordings/Avant Garde/Modern classical


  • 1 Tuning
    2 Morgonfåglar
    3 Trio For Cello, Piano And Violin
    4 Friends
    5 Mirrors
    6 After The Break
    7 Passing Meadows And Oceans At Night
    8 Bye
    9 1991
    10 (Your) Doves
    11 Treetops
    12 Endings
    13 Variations
    14 How It Sounded In My Mind
    15 Just Five Minutes
    16 Anna
    17 Quiet Conversations
    18 Melodies
    19 Stiltje
    20 Epilogue
  • Composed By, Mixed By – Kajsa Lindgren
  • Cover, Artwork By – Richard Greenan
  • Design – Anne Lippert, David Stichling
  • Mastered By – Sean McCann
  • Painting – Jörgen Lindgren
  • Photography – Hampus Andersson
Limited edition CD in a jewel case. Includes an 8-page booklet with additional photography by Hampus Andersson and from Kajsa Lindgren’s family archives.
Kajsa Lindgren (b.1990) is a composer and sound-artist from Stockholm, Sweden. She is mainly working with field recordings and different ways to perform them, often through spatial, multichannel distribution. Her work includes electroacoustic compositions and sound installations, as well as compositions for acoustic traditional instruments.
By using interviews as a method when composing and field recordings as the material, she has found a way to work with expectations and traditions when it comes to the process of composing and the performance itself. Combining interviews and field recordings has therefore shown to be an effective way for her to open up different ways to approach the process of exploring subjects and environments through sound.
Kajsa Lindgren is a composer educated in both western contemporary art music and electroacoustic composition and holds a Bachelor (2015) and Master (2017) in Electroacoustic Composition from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.
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