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Snufmumriko – Drömboken (CD-r)

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Ambient from Snufmumriko via Lagerstätte (sampler from digital version, 1 min from each song)


Out of stock

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Artist: Snufmumriko
Title: Drömboken
Format: CD-R
Label: Lagerstätte
Cat nr: LAGER008
Genre: Ambient

1.Stackmoln 05:40
2.Imago 07:13
3.Noli me tangere 05:36
4.Drömmar i juli 05:05
5.Eterspår 06:40
6.Mymmeli 07:17
7.Bryggan är fortfarande varm 07:41
8.Ensam kvar (i svunna år) 04:49

CDR edition limited to 30 copies, burned on high-quality discs and assembled by hand. Comes in a sturdy, numbered cardboard sleeve featuring the Lagerstätte logo.

The woods are quiet. As the gentle lapping of water lulls you to sleep, a dragonfly takes wing under the deep skies of July. You’re on the path now. Drömboken is Swedish for ”The Dream Book”. Based on field recordings, samples and a diverse palette of other electronic sounds, Snufmumriko’s second release on Lagerstätte explores an ethereal landscape of dream where the past meets the future and joy wrestles with a sense of pain and loss.

Written and produced by Ingmar Wennerberg.
Mastering by Rob Small.
Cover photo by Ingmar Wennerberg.

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