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Berliner 6 Bahn ‎– Dark Nights Compilation Volume: One

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Experimental Synth Pop from Berliner 6 Bahn via Dödsdans Rekords. (Audio sampler from digital source)


Out of stock

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Artist: Berliner 6 Bahn
Title: Dark Nights Compilation Volume: One
Format: Vinyl 12″
Label: Dödsdans Rekords
Cat nr: DDR012
Genre: Minimal/Synth-pop

Like one-way ticket to the surburbs we proudly presents the first LP from Berliner 6 Bahn. Hailing from the 90´s they drawed inspiration from the old Berlin electropunk / ndw acts, mainly Malaria and Mania D. They stood outside the normal swedish synth scene, as this was a band who didn´t care about perfection or didn´t refuse the use the basguitar and saxophone.These tracks are dark, pulsating pieces of the harsh life in the suburbs.

Did we mention that this is Peter Fristedt famous from Agent Side Grinder? And that the album is remastered by Henrik Sunbring also from Agent Side Grinder.  Hope you like it, we love it.

The album is presented on 180g vinyl, 250 handnumbered copies. Included is a photo and a story from the band.

A1 I Kill I Lie I Die
A2 Sinner Of Shanghai
A3 Nord Och Syd
A4 Heta Nätter Drömmar Om Slag
A5 Beate B Monoton
B1 Edge Town Baby
B2 Fuktens Festival
B3 Nattbuss
B4 Fortune Cookies


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