Daniel Araya – Acid ambient vol. 1

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Acid and ambient from Daniel Araya, Kontra Musik. (Audio sampler from vinyl, 2 min from each track)


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Artist: Daniel Araya
Title: Acid ambient vol. 1
Format: Vinyl 12″
Label: Kontra Musik
Cat nr: KMWL08
Genre: Acid/Ambient


A1 Acid Ambient 3
A2 Acid Ambient 17
B1 I want to be Andreas
B2 Acid Ambient 1

What would it feel like to have your naked body slowly submerged in a pool of steaming acid? One would expect unbearable pain, of course – beyond the limits of our imagination – but with his Acid Ambient Vol. 1 on Kontra-Musik, Daniel Araya proves us wrong. The EMS Studio Engineer and producer adjusts the intricate PH levels of this corrosive bubblebath with infinity skilled hands, making the experience thoroughly pleasurable – on the verge of erotic even. Your skin melts away with a sweet sensation of laxity and your muscles and tendons dissolve sensually slow. At the end, nothing will remain below the surface but the pleasure center of your now diffused brain, pulsating with unrestrained satisfaction. So come on in, the acid is fine.

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