FCOC – Fast Cheap and Out of Control LP

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Experimental rock and no wave from FCOC ‎via Firework Edition Records (album sampler from vinyl source, 1 min from each song)


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Artist: FCOC
Title: Fast Cheap and Out of Control
Format: Vinyl 12″

Label: Firework Edition Records
Cat nr: FER1129
Genre: No wave/Experimental rock


A1 Freedom 4:55
A2 We Have the Right 2:25
A3 No Hate/No Fear 3:38
A4 Sold Out 3:49
A5 A Prayer 6:29
B1 Desert Surf 1:56
B2 Thank you Jesus 5:40
B3 Solid 5:42
B4 Strange Weather 7:56
  • Drums – Anders Bryngelsson
  • Electric Guitar – Gustav NygrenLeif Jordansson 


Take two guitars. Detune them different and randomly between each track. Let the ears and fingers do the job to find something interesting then stick to that. Add a hard beating drummer and you’ll have the essence of rock’n’roll noise.The album ”FCOC Fast, Cheap and Out of Control” – (Vinyl: Firework Edition Records FER 1129, Digital: Playground Music Scandinavia) is recorded and mixed by Mikael Tuominen (from Kungens Män, Automatism, Fanatism and Eye Make the Horizon) and John McBain (Monster Magnet, Hater and more). Cover art: Thomas Elovsson and Mathias Elovsson.

Release day 2019-12-12

FCOC started late 2018 as a search for the essence of Rock’n’roll. What happens if you take away melody and chord progression and focus only on the raw energy coming from electric guitar and a beat? From the start FCOC has been experimenting with different random tuning inspired by guitarists like Arto Lindsay, Glenn Branca and the groups that invited what would be called The No Wave scene. But it is important to say that, even if it’s free, this is not free improvised music, this is a rock sculpture. If we find something that works well we stay there. On the album we have worked with the idea of juxtapositioning the music together with documentary voices instead of vocals

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