Finn Loxbo & Karin Johansson – Vent

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Free improvisation from Finn Loxbo & Karin Johansson via Omlott records (Album sampler from digital source)

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Artist: Finn Loxbo & Karin Johansson
Title: Vent
Format: 12″ vinyl
Label: Omlott
Cat nr: MLR022
Genre: Free improvisations


A1 Nook 2:43
A2 Trace 2:54
A3 Needs 2:02
A4 Transit 3:52
A5 Attic 3:31
B1 Passage 3:49
B2 Claim 2:58
B3 Scoope 4:45
B4 Gap 4:22

New Duo LP from Finn Loxbo (Guitar, Electronics, voice) and Karin Johansson (Piano, Accordion)
Artwork by EKTA.

in a rain forest of moments. the eye hears what the ear sees. through each moment of karin johansson’s and finn loxbo’s music runs the firm conviction that all points and layers of sound – in true democratic spirit, carry the same weight. or lightness. as precise as scattered bird calls may be crucial to the totality and the outcome of the drama as a whole, as cautiously do they take care of the phrased line by being extremely exact with the gaps and the charged rest, where that very thing appears in just the right moment. an archetypical weave of strings being pulled and plucked further into our audible and visible listening. as a natural relief, the metal tongues from the accordion emerge and end up in new weightless states together with electronics and space. to suddenly whirl on in a dance for prepared piano and guitar that later just disappears out in the impossible where everything before was possible for thirty-one minutes and one second.

Sten Sandell, stockholm may 2018

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Omlott records. Free jazz / Improvisation label based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Formed by Musiclovers records, Vinyl-store in Gothenburg.

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