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Lost Johansson – s/t LP

21,99 (Outside EU: 17,59)

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Folk electronica and synth from Lost Johansson via Malmö Inre (audio sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)


Only 2 left in stock

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Artist: Lost Johansson
Title: s/t
Format: 12″ Gold vinyl

Label: Malmö Inre
Cat nr: MI018
Genre: Synth/Electronica/Folk

A1 Blocket
A2 Kniven och jag i Topocalma
A3 Lalala
A4 Den svenska apan
B1 Finska nätter
B2 Guincho
B3 61° 7’ N, 14° 28’ Ö

The Swedish Monkey (Nasalis larvatus suecica) is listed as a species or subspecies (Muntiacus muntjak montanus) to the Scandinavian muntjac; an insectivore related to moles and hedgehogs. The species has been classified extinct since 1921, but in 1996 a living specimen was caught in a forest outside Orsa in Dalarna. A few years later, researchers also found additional species in the Norrbotten swamps, and in 2008 three individuals were captured alive and fitted with radio transmitters.
Much like Joakim Pirinen in his short story ‘The Swedish Monkey’, Lasse Ståles’ alter ego ‘Lost Johansson’ moves between the backwaters and sparsely populated areas in his search for endangered animals that have returned to our biological diversity. The self-titled debut album sounds like the canceled class trip with hits of elusive acid, Finnish instrumental boogie and melting permafrost.

For friends of Eden Ahbez, Charanjit Singh, Don Slepian, and Golden Ivy.

This is Lars-Olof Johansson Ståles debut album after nearly 30 years in bands like The Cardigans, Brothers of End and Jaen Haven. He is also one of sixth fellow members of Malmö Inre.

Studio Malmö Inre 2018-2020.
Ida Karlsson is playing saxophone on Finska nätter and singing on Lalala.
Mastering Darren Ziesing.
Picture Anders Andersson and Johan Sundell.
Artwork Tomas Melinder.

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