Mikael Stavöstrand ‎– Soulful EP 12″

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Minimal and Tech-house from Mikael Stavöstrand via Kontra Musik (audio sampler from digital source)


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Artist: Mikael Stavöstrand
Title: Soulful EP
Format: Vinyl 12″
Label: Kontra Musik
Cat nr: km004
Genre: Minimal/Tech-house


A1 My Day 8:05
B1 Blau 7:33
B2 Breaka-Breaka 5:05

When listening to the Soulful EP there seems to be an uncontrolled force in all of the tracks. This is music that seems to have a life of its own. Maybe it is time to let the music go, where she wants to go…

The Soulful EP, produced by Swedish mastermind Mikael Stavostrand, takes him one step closer to his goal, to fuse experimental compositions with dance floor perfection. On the first track, My Day, a steady 4-beat tries to keep up with a sinister synth line that has broken free from its lace. Together with beautifully programmed organic percussion, this track is a dynamic roller coaster ride, aiming for the peak hour dance floor with a twist.
The B-side and the track Blau, takes of with a vocal sample reminding us of the Kontra-Musik motto: You got to go, where you want to go. Starting of as warm hypnotic groover, Blau climbs towards a multi layered soundscape, pushed forward by a hectic arpeggio, reminding of minimalist heroes like Robert Rood and Mika Vainio. Blau is dance floor music that aims for the soul.
The second track on the b-side, Breaka-Breaka, is a techhouse track that in the same way as Blau, evolves into something new, a creaking and acidic techno track soaked in organic percussion.
Mikael Stavostrand is one of the key figures of the Swedish electronic music scene – this for his, not so minimal, interpretations of minimal techno as well as for producing essential experimental electronic music over the past ten years. Stavestrands mix of deconstructed sounds and funky rhythms has been released on labels like Force Inc., Karat, Contexterrior, Mo’s Ferry, Sunset Diskos and we are.
Text from http://www.kontra-musik.com

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