Pistol Disco – Goo/Pool 7″

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Electronica/Leftfield from Pistol Disco via Höga nord rekords (audio sampler from digital source)

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Artist: Pistol Disco
Title: Goo/Pool
Format: 7″ vinyl
Label: Höga nord 
Cat nr: HNR013
Genre: Electronica/Leftfield/Berlin-School


A1 Goo 4:36
B1 Pool 6:30

Edition of 300 copies

Text from hoganord.com
Höga Nord Rekords first release was Pistol Disco. That was, of course, no coincidence. This time the armed disco-duo (Berlin-based producer Alexander Palmestål (Iberia, Myth) and Gothenburg-based Mikael Enqvist) returns with a tropical and quite chilled out seven inch-revenge. First track Goo will manipulate you like a Hare Krishna recruitee would – if he or she had groove and swagger. B-side Pool has an organic baseline combined with a dreamlike landscape that will drag you up to a place where KLF:s golden era echoes inside yer head like an appealing Conny PlankOCD!


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