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Purple Desert Rain God – Invisible Matter 7″

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Kraut & Psych from Purple Desert Rain God via Höga Nord Rekords (Audio clip from digital source)


Out of stock


Artist: Purple Desert Rain God
Title: Invisible Matter
Format: 7″ vinyl
Label: Höga Nord Rekords
Cat nr: HNR036
Genre: Kraut/Psychedelic rock

A Invisible Matter 5:35
B Bridge To Nowhere 5:45

The psychedelia of Purple Desert Rain God is playful and innovative in a way that brings early Pink Floyd to mind, where classic blues elements were mixed with tape loops and tremolo/feedback guitars. But more than 50 years has passed since Barret’s trip through universe was caught on tape and the comparison stops there: Purple Desert Rain God is a new take on acid rock!

Purple Desert Rain God is nature music and transcendental dance music and they overlap between genuine psychedelia and electronic music with filter sweeps on guitars and drums. Sudden bursts of drum fills brakes the monotonous groove and amplifies the feeling of lost control and the band often balances on what is considered a beat that is on time. However, they keep momentum and hammers the pulse on your eardrums, into your mind.

To add some more mystery the band gives this explanation to their name: “Deep in the purple desert is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the Rain God is always one step beyond logic.”
Text from Höga Nord


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