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RÅÅ – Ljungens Lag LP

19,99 (Outside EU: 15,99)

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Folk, electronica, jazz and pop from Råå via Malmö Inre (audio sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)


Out of stock

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Artist: Råå
Title: Ljungens Lag
Format: 12″ vinyl

Label: Malmö Inre
Cat nr: MI015
Genre: Jazz/Ambient/Electronica/Folk

1 Allt vi passerar är på väg hem 4:09
2 Ett spänningsmoment senare 4:22
3 Ljungens lag 4:09
4 Bid din tid videung 3:35
5 Improduktion 2:32
6 Sterling Morrison 3:21
7 Sofflåst 4:27
8 Vispen 4:05

Magnus Sveningsson: Bass/Synth/Djembe/Balafon/Beats/Piano/Guitaret Carl Granberg: Beats/Synth/Slagverk/Gitarr/Mellotron
Mattias Nihlén: Gitarr/Synth/Tvärflöjt/Bas
Bebe Risenfors: Synth/Piano/Kontrabas/Basklarinett/Omnichord
Svante Lodén: Congas/Djembe/Bongos/Slagverk
Producer: Carl Granberg Master: Hans Olson-Brookes

Edition: 500 LP, 40 kassett

Lean back, let your heart rest. Ljungens lag (The law of the heather) will lower your blood pressure. This record, made by The Cardigans bass player Magnus Sveningsson and produced by Carl Granberg was recorded in the spring of 2019. Since the critically acclaimed debut album Skånes Järnvägar (Railroads of Scania), Råå has released the remix single Stickspår, the EP of covers Himmelsblå and the live LP Folkhemmet. Råå does not stand still, but moves at moderate speed. This is true slow cooking for your ears. Other people will stress their hearts out. Råå plays it cool.

This record has a new palette of sounds, but has its roots in Skånes Järnvägar. Sometimes slow and meditative. A new kind of northern dub. Sampled Nyabinghi drums together with Congolese nuns. Antique drum machines jam with the ghost of Matt Johnson. Halfway through the album, we meet up with the Velvets and then go to bed with Yo la Tengo in the ending song.

If the first record was a trainride through the fog of southern Sweden, then this is Paris–Dakar. Nordic folklore, African balafon, Jamaican drums, East German synthesizers.

This is Råå.

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