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Tecwaa – Cï / Xentæh 7″

7,99 (Outside EU: 6,39)

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Leftfield electronica from Tecwaa via Höga Nord Rekords (Audio clip from digital source)


In stock

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Artist: Tecwaa
Title: Cï / Xentæh
Format: 7″ vinyl
Label: Höga Nord Rekords
Cat nr: HNR033
Genre: Electronica/Leftfield

A1 5:28
B1 Xentæh 5:19
Limited to 300 copies.
Comes in special ‘Höga Nord Rekords Singles Club’ sleeves.


UK based Tecwaas background is in the early Yorkshire rave scene, which makes you understand his music on a deeper level. His tasteful turning of knobs on the Roland 303 takes you back to in time to an early morning somewhere round 1990 with a diesel generator pushed to the limit roaring somewhere in the background. But Tecwaas music is a lot more than a trip in time: the sound is modern and extremely well produced where the few but exquisite sounds hook in to each other naturally and creates a round solid groove. The sound varies from airy and light in ”Xentaeh” to warmer and heavier in the other track ”Ci”. What goes for the sound overall is the somewhat surprising elements in how the songs develop, both in rhythm and sound wise. Teecwas music bare traces of trance, rave, early techno and so on but you could call it ”uplifting, psychedelic leftfield house” and this is his first release on Höga Nord Rekords.
Text from Höga Nord

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