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  • Ambient and drone-synth from Orphan Ann ‎via Moloton (Audio sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)  
  • Orca Life – Strange Language

    7,00 (Outside EU: 5,60)
    Ambient from Orca Life via Fluere tapes (sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)  
  • Oliwa ‎– Patagon

    5,50 (Outside EU: 4,40)
    Beautiful ambient  from Oliwa via Zeon Light. (audio sampler from digital source)          
  • nordBeck – MARTN (cassette + download)

    8,00 (Outside EU: 6,40)
    Ambient from nordBeck ‎‎via Purlieu recordings (audio sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)  
  • nordBeck – Följare (cassette + download)

    5,99 (Outside EU: 4,79)
    Ambient from nordBeck via Tape Lamour (audio clips from digital source)
  • Liverecording from Café OTO with Nokuit via NKT (audio sampler from digital source)  
  • Nils Frahm – All Melody LP (2×12″)

    29,99 (Outside EU: 23,99)
    Ambient and modern classical from Nils Frahm via Erased Tapes Records (Audio sampler from digital version, 1 minute from each song)
  • Nev Lilit – Adorable Ruin LP

    17,50 (Outside EU: 14,00)
    Minimal ambient and electronica from Nev Lilit ‎via Moloton (Audio sampler from digital source, 2 min from each song)
  • Ambient and drone from various artist via Tape Lamour (Sampler from digital version, 1 min from each song)
  • Experimental ambient, drone and ambient from Mt Accord ‎‎via Purlieu recordings (audio sampler from digital version)
  • Ambient & drone from Moljebka Pvlse via Substantia Innominata (Audio sampler from digital source)    
  • Mokira – Chill out LP

    14,99 (Outside EU: 11,99)
    Ambient from Mokira (Andreas Tilliander) via Kontra Musik (Audio clips from digital versions)