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  • Lisa & Kroffe – Roslagens Famn LP

    19,99 (Outside EU: 15,99)
    Berlin-School from Lisa & Kroffe via Lamour Records (Audio sampler from digital source)
  • Anders Ekert – Vid sidan 7″

    9,99 (Outside EU: 7,99)
    Modern classical and avant garde from Anders Ekert via Flora & Fauna (Sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)  
  • Jan Carleklev – Väsen (cassette)

    6,50 (Outside EU: 5,20)
    Experimental ambient and avant garde from Jan Carleklev via Do You Dream Of Noise? (audio sampler from digital source)  
  • Various – EXPO2020® Cassette

    8,99 (Outside EU: 7,19)
    Mixtape from with various experimental electronica
  • Avant garde and electronica from joakim granlund via Zeon Light (audio from digital source)
  • Ambient and avant garde from Alderholmens Futuristiska via Tape Lamour (audio clips from digital source)
  • Avant garde solo bass from Ulf Ivarsson via Lamour Records (audio clips from digital source)
  • Ulf Ivarsson – Lower Zone LP

    17,99 (Outside EU: 14,39)
    Avant garde solo bass from Ulf Ivarsson via Lamour Records (audio clips from digital source)
  • Orlando Harrison – Tape 313 (cassette)

    6,50 (Outside EU: 5,20)
    Avant garde conceptual from Orlando Harrison via Broken Britain Cassettes (audio sampler from digital source, 4 min from each side)  
  • Various – Summer Expo 2019 Cassette

    6,50 (Outside EU: 5,20)
    Mixtape from with various experimental electronica (audio sampler from digital version)
  • Kajsa Lindgren – Everyone Is Here CD

    16,50 (Outside EU: 13,20)
    Ambient, avant garde field recordings and modern classical from Kajsa Lindgren via Warm Winters (audio clip from song Trio for cello, piano and violin)  
  • Electronica and avant garde ambient from Brus via Kalkatraz cassettes (Audio sampler from digital version)