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  • Niels Gordon – Land LP

    19,99 (Outside EU: 15,99)
    Synth and Berlin-school from Niels Gordon via Lamour Records (Audio clips from digital source)
  • PRO424 – Before Immunity LP + download

    17,99 (Outside EU: 14,39)
    Synth and electronica with a touch of kraut and techno from PRO424 via Lamour Records (audio clips from digital source)
  • Den sorte død – Undergangen LP

    15,00 (Outside EU: 15,00)
    Electronica and synth from Den sorte død (self released) (Audio sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)
  • Ambient and drone-synth from Orphan Ann ‎via Moloton (Audio sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)  
  • Lovely Carpenter-stylish cosmic-synth/synth/pop & electronica from Cement. Rundgång Records - Malmö (album sampler from digital source)
  • Experimental synth and electronica from Joakim Forsgren via Firework edition (Audio clip from vinyl)
  • New beat, EBM & electro from No sleep by the machine via Dödsdans Rekords (Audio sampler from digital source)
  • PA TRONIC – Ute På Vift LP

    11,99 (Outside EU: 9,59)
    Synth-pop from PA TRONIC via Dödsdans Rekords / Anna Logue Records. (Audio sampler from digital source)
  • Sine City – Such a Fragile Thing We Are

    14,99 (Outside EU: 11,99)
    Synth pop from Sine City via Dödsdans Rekords (Audio sampler from digital source)
  • Electronica and Synth from Boulderdash via Audionaut capsule (audio sampler from cassette)  
  • 18:e Oktober ‎– Diskomaskin

    24,99 (Outside EU: 19,99)
    Synth pop by 18:e Oktober via Djuring Phonogram (album sampler from vinyl)
  • Music box – Revolution

    9,99 (Outside EU: 7,99)
    Synth and electronica by Music box, Calle Olsson (Paddington DC, Paper, Bear Quartet) & Christian Gabel (1900, Bob Hund) (audio sample from vinyl)