Lamour Record Store launched in the summer of 2015. The range of the music focuses on electronica, ambient, techno, sound art, and kraut/art rock from Swedish artists or record companies mainly released on vinyl, CD, and cassette. Besides the webshop, we have an in-store boutique at the Musikhuset in Gävle, Sweden and a small selection of vinyls at Fico Store also in Gävle and Lya Beer Café in Prague.  Lamour also runs the labels Lamour Records, Acid Lamour, Tape Lamour, and the Lamour Podcast.

We are active as musicians, label owners, and concert organizers, we have a wide network of contacts, particularly in Sweden and we always try to look for the most interesting releases that take place in Sweden, even very small runs.
Also check out our Discogs page where you can find some second hand records and more CDs that we haven’t had time to put out in our shop yet

Please contact us if you have records that you think would fit in our store!

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Lamour Record Store at Musikhuset
Kyrkogatan 32
803 11 Gävle

The record store is open when Musikhusets bar and restaurant is open.
See www.musikhuset.nu for opening hours

In May 2024 we opened our new in-store boutique at the restaurant, bar, and music scene Musikhuset in gävle

Lamour Record Store (2018-2023 at Little Art Cakery)

Lamour Record Store (2015-2017 at Gallery Kulturkiosken in Gävle)
The shop was housed inside the art gallery Kulturkiosken in Gävle, Sweden, and the floor area was only 1.5 square meters so we called ourselves the world’s smallest record store. Dec 2017 the gallery was closed.

In the summer 2017 we started a collaboration/in-store shop with Gävle’s best-renowned fashion store, Fico. There you can find melodic house, techno, and ambient from all around the world selected by Fico and Lamour.  You find the store at Drottninggatan 18, Gävle.

Company info
Lamour Record Store
c/o Lamour Records
Viktor Zeidner
Nygatan 37
803 11 Gävle
mail: slim@lamour.se
VAT: SE810818751201

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