Brugd – Bland stad och säl (cassette + download)

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Ambient from Brugd via Tape Lamour (audio sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)


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Artist: Brugd
Title: Bland stad och säl
Format: Cassette C-50 incl. download code via Bandcamp
Label: Tape Lamour (Lamour Records)
Cat nr: lamour138kz
Genre: Ambient 

01 – Mina ben har slutat dansa SE3AB2100601
02 – Alkisparken bakom Kocksgatan
03 – Stilla hot
04 – Konkret
05 – Pianoetyd ett
06 – Södra Ölands odlingslandskap
07 – Käringviken
08 – Pianoetyd två
09 – Evig höst
10 – Jag röker ni kommer dö
11 – En kärlekssång
12 – Tjurberget
13 – Ballad för DollyIncluding download code via Bandcamp

Bland stad och säl is the second album by Brugd and the first on the label Lamour Records. It’s a positive twisted journey through dreamlike soundscapes with rough edges and rumbles. Somewhere between ambient and poetic art music, it tells a story of dreams, confusion, lost loves and places with a shimmer of hope.

Brugd is the musical home of Love Kahnlund. A home occupied by strange yet familiar sounds, dreams and experimentation. With synthesizers, found sounds and field recordings Brugd aim to find calmness in the noise.

Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Artwork by Johan Holkers

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Dimensions 11 × 7 × 1,7 cm
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