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Coatic Sequence – Coatic Plates (cassette)

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Experimental electronica from Coatic Sequence via Fractal Meat Cuts UK (sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)



In stock


Artist: Coatic Sequence
Title: Coatic Plates
Format: Cassette
Label: Fractal Meat Cuts
Cat nr: FMC45
Genre: Experimental electronica


1 Part 1 2:53
2 Part 2 4:33
3 Part 3 6:32
4 Part 4 2:34
5 Part 5 8:03
6 Part 6 10:11

Coatic Sequence is a collaborative sound and visual project by Manchester artists Darren Adcock and Tasha Whittle. The project was debuted in 2017 after a collaborative commission for Manchester Science Festival. The pair utilise a hand built modular synthesiser ‘Glen’ to amplify drawing and improvise visual and sonic compositions.

Each mark made has a sonic effect, each sound produced affects the way the drawing is created. The work with Glen is playful, physical, chaotic, indeterminable, inclusive, improvised and falls in line with abstract expressionism. There is an infinite amount of sounds that can be synthesised from Glen and subsequently there are infinite ways drawings can be produced. Both senses (sight and sound) and disciplines (sound and visual) come together in one body of work and the pair are interested in the grey area where they meet.

These recordings were made during a residency at Islington Mill in Salford in Summer 2018: an investigation into the countless ways Glen can be utilized and the multiple ways sounds and visuals can be produced.

The extra-leaf J-card features several of the drawings made in the process of making the recordings. Drawings will be released as an edition alongside the music.

Sound and images by Darren Adcock and Tasha Whittle.

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Dimensions 11 × 7 × 1.7 cm