i m i – Air framed by angles (cassette)

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Avant garde pop and ambient from Incidental Music for Invasion (i m i) via Unscene (audio sample from cassette)

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Artist: Incidental Music for Invasion (i m i)
Title: Air framed by angles
Format: Cassette inkl download code via Bandcamp
Label: Unscene
Cat nr:  001
Genre: Avant garde pop/ambientTracklist:
A1 – air framed by angles 04:04
A2 – the passage 05:56
A3 – ______dance 03:27
A4 – # 4 04:47
B1 – symaskinssessions #3 02:34
B2 – C.L 05:46
B3 – where are we now according to the map 01:02
B4 – Satsukis bell 05:22
B5 – for E 03:30

In their second album, released on limited edition cassette,
sound artist ‘ i m i ‘ explores mindsets, ambiences, intermediate states, circumstances, instants n shapes into piece texture and sound.
They find themselves in echo chambers of the in-between interspersed with niches of the already and not yet, in narratives of incompleteness without being incomplete itself.
Silence is an important element where the space between sounds and notsounds is shaping the experience and room in which the listener is guided through.
The album works like an organic whole dispersed with different tracks which even when arranged linear might be discovered to appear rather interwoven and interdependent, side by side, on top, among and in eachother; a complex storytelling with lots of forward and backward references.
‘ i m i ‘ is inviting the listener to navigate through a floating bicameral system of the completed and the unfinished, the explicit and the vague; using tools as voice, percussion, synthesizers, strings, objects and sound-processing through tape, cassette, electronics and room.

all sounds performed and recorded by i m i except guest-appearances by Ari (B5) and Satsuki (B4)
under landet at [unscene] ateliers Järna winter 20/21 and EMS sthlm -18mastered by Tomas Bodéncover artwork by Arireleased on limitied edition cassette by [unscene] no. o1-winter 21/22

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