Jobanshi – SUPERBLOCK (cassette + download)

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Ambient and Field recordings from Jobanshi ‎‎via Purlieu recordings (audio sampler from digital source)


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Artist: Jobanshi
Format: Cassette C-45
Label: Purlieu recordings
Cat nr: PEU009
Genre: Ambient/Field recordingTracklist

1.Prelude 04:05
2.Northern Lights 04:07
3.Hyperobjects 08:05
4.Breathe 04:15
5.Expectation 02:54
6.Merrow 08:56
7.Seeker, Seeker, Seeker 03:01
8.Superblock 03:44
9.This Moment 06:36

Including free digital download via band camp.


“It’s more than simply a question of superior execution, although there’s plenty of that. Jobanshi is a genuine aesthete with a powerful ability to turn ordinary ingredients into something entirely unordinary.” Kevin Press, Badd Press Blog /// 
SUPERBLOCK is the fourth full length solo album from Tokyo based sound artist Jobanshi. Previous releases can be found on Bedlam Tapes, Easy + Nice and stuk. 
In SUPERBLOCK, Jobanshi investigates the borders of dreamland and the awoken by layering samples, tape experiments, field recordings and subtle melodies to create his blissful meditative soundscapes.
Music and production by Jobanshi 
Cover art and design Linn Schrab
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Dimensions 11 × 7 × 1,7 cm

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