Risto Holopainen – Sozialrealismus cassette

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Art music from Risto Holopainen (audio sampler from digital source)

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Artist: Risto Holopainen
Title: Sozialrealismus
Format: Cassette tape

Label: Risto Holopainen
Cat nr: –
Genre: Art music

Chrome cassette tape recorded from digital master using Dolby C.
Full album including the three bonus tracks.
The front cover is an original linoleum print. Each copy is slightly different, or even markedly different since two different motifs have been used for the cover.

Based on recordings of eurorack analog modular, some field recordings and various acoustic instruments used as sound sources or as resonating bodies through which the electronic sounds have been filtered.

Side A
Ordre de la Grande Poubelle 8’35
Umschaltungen 4’16
Foppallsfruen II 5’24
Le Poubelliste 1’32
Vampyrsekten 5’56
The Gaffer 4’07
The Empty Mind and its Enemies4’16
Crystal Math Addition 1’28

Side B
Structural Violence, Motherfucker! 6’22
Director’s Cut 5’37
Foppallsfruen I 3’27
Acceptable Noise 3’15
La Guitarra de Picasso 3’05
La Compagnie des Ondes 3’26
Atomic Banjo 9’46


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