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Art music/alternative rock from SAN via Feeder recordings (album sampler from digital source)

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Artist: SAN
Title: SAN
Format: Cassette
Label: Feeder
Cat nr: FR1-010
Genre: Psyck rock/post classical/Alternative rock

1.Intro 00:38
2.Red Moon 04:10
3.White Moon 05:06
4.Interlude 1 01:48
5.Procession 03:57
6.Red Sun 05:09
7.Interlude 2 01:49
8.Thirst 03:58
9.White Sun 05:46

Golden metallic cassette with on body print. 4 different covers depending on the way you fold. limited to 50 copies.

San is a dream, a sleep, a sun, a stranger. It’s like, inside and without. To know, to listen, to tro.San consists of Henry, Ida, Petter and Matilda, with a background in The Will In These Skies, Tired Tape Machine, Tvärvägen and Mixtapes and Cellmates. The self-titled debut is a story, a walk in the circle, a train of thoughts and recorded the coldest week of January somewhere in Dalarna


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