Sorrow Floats – Living Through Filters (cassette + download)

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Ambient from Sorrow Floats ‎‎via Purlieu recordings (audio sampler from digital source)


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Artist: Sorrow Floats
Title: Living Through Filters
Format: Cassette C-46
Label: Purlieu recordings
Cat nr: PEU010
Genre: AmbientTracklist

1.Malaise 08:31
2.Elements 13:59
3.Ghostland 05:32
4.Space To Be 08:19
5.Ash 09:30

Including free digital download via band camp.

Professionally dubbed golden tapes with handmade covers.
Each copy includes bonus photographs and a complimentary download code of the album.
Limited to 30 copies available.

– I guess the general concept for the album is about how we, as a society, interact with each other in the modern age. Despite such a wealth of communication available to us now, feelings of anonymity and isolation are rife and a lack of face to face interaction has numbed much of the intricacy and emotion in relationships. This is where the title “Living Through Filters” came from, with people hiding their true selves behind the tricks and trades of social media and losing sight of the importance of open, honest relationships, looking people in the eye and the feel of human touch… 

“Living Through Filters” is the premiere release for Colin Crighton as Sorrow Floats. He has previously released music on Sparkwood Records as and Understated Theory.

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