Various – EXPO2020® Cassette

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Mixtape from with various experimental electronica

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Artist: Various
Title: EXPO2020®
Format: Cassette

Cat nr: EXPO20
Genre: Electronica/Experimental/Mixtape


1 Ana Quiroga Prelude I [Calling Wanna]
2 FLUQS Regen
3 Boëthius A Crisis that is Existential
4 Shaq Shuka Cut Surkel
5 Static Reactor
6 Boëthius Untitled
7 K92T92 Untitled (in the absence of anything worth saying to distract you from the unconsolable dread)
8 Roberto Musci Waves Of Sand
9 presidiomodelo 勇気
10 Franziska Lantz Entrenched
11 Death Meditation Grave Thief
12 Sonae Scream [Unheard]
13 Boëthius The Way She Looks At Me
14 Roberto Musci night heart
15 bkeepr1 Lockdown Pressure Cooker (Bioni’s Slow Burner Haggis Mix ft P.Maclean)
16 Static People Person
17 Dave and Daytone Dancing On My Own
18 Orlando Harrison Inferno
19 The Techno Yuppie Carnival of Souls
20 Ana Quiroga Prelude III
21 Lonsdale Youth Sovereign
22 Nokuit Untitled
23 Sinister Glove Still Active & Killing People
24 Lost Affair World of Fustrations
25 Ravenmaster Bildungsroman
26 Porcelain Gun Club FFS
27 Real Terms Divine
28 Maria erre إلى أبد الآبيدين
29 Popgasm Genesi
30 The Endprojekt Fear
31 Shaq Shuka indonesdia_audio8speed
32 Partial Objects Yeavering Bell
33 schuttle Monsaic
34 Deeds Omen
35 BIFFA Lady Formation
36 Air Krew Stuck in mid-air
37 JEO Michelle Loosen The Moorings
38 La Santa AVE Maria
39 Giant Hammer If I Could
40 Hyper Dryve I Wanna Be Your Number One (Euro Dance Mix)
41 Boëthius These Eyes Don’t Blink
42 Energeeka Thunder Lips
43 Mark McGarry Last Dance

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