Alpha Mound & Tidsrymd – En plats i solen CD

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Electronica from Alpha Mound & Tidsrymd via Outerdisk (sampler from a digital source, 1 min from each song)


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Artist: Alpha Mound & Tidsrymd
Title: En plats i solen
Format: CD
Label: Stålverk Records
Cat nr: STAL-162
Genre: Electronica/Pop/Ambient

01 – En bättre värld
02 – Godmorgon framtid
03 – Dagsverk
04 – Vid tystnadens rand
05 – Östersjön
06 – En plats på solen
07 – Vi väntar alla på något
08 – En plats i solen

Alpha Mound & Tidsrymd is a musical collaboration that has been going on since 2019. The first single “Slow-wave Sleep/Dröm i färg” was released in 2020 and now their debut album “A place in the sun” will be released on June 17, 2023. The music moves between post-rock, ambient, kraut and dream pop. It is instrumental music, using vocals without words. With vivid song titles and musical visualization, they take listeners through different imagined scenes. The album is released on streaming services and CD through Stålverk Records.

Alpha Mound
Alpha Mound is Joakim Westlund’s solo project. Since his first release in 2012 he has produced many albums and EP:s under this moniker, sometimes through collaborations with other artists. The music is usually ambient with sound design as a central element.

Tidsrymd is Johan Ohlsson’s project, producing electronic music since 2018. The music moves between kraut, minimalism and ambient.

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