David Bennet & Vilhelm Bromander – Within Reach Of Eventuality CD

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Free Jazz and impro from David Bennet & Vilhelm Bromander via Thanatosis Production (Audio sample from digital source)


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Artist: David Bennet & Vilhelm Bromander
Title: Within Reach Of Eventuality
Label: Thanatosis Production
Cat nr: THT13
Format: CD
Style: Free Jazz/Impro


1 Part I 14:12
2 Part II 10:23
3 Part III 8:44
4 Part IV 16:01

David Bennet: alto saxophone
Vilhelm Bromander: double bass

Cover photos: Adele Pozzali
Cover design: Sara Lundén


The debut album from Swedish duo David Bennet & Vilhelm Bromander features their co-created piece Within Reach of Eventuality. Following a semi-open score by Bennet, the duo is treating elements such as complex textures, non-pitched sounds, microtonality, beatings and intense pauses in an improvisatory and careful manner.

From the liner notes, by Peter Margasak: “This isn’t music where we need to know exactly what’s happening or trace how it proceeds. It exists to entrance the listener within this elusive sonic environment, noting how the physics of sound are an area for limitless exploration and mental expansion. Let’s get lost.”

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