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Saturn’s Daughter – Fibonacci Forever (CD-r)

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Only 2 left in stock

Ambient from Saturn’s Daughter via Lagerstätte (sampler from digital version, 2 min from each song)

Only 2 left in stock

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Artist: Saturn’s Daughter
Title: Fibonacci Forever
Format: CD-R
Label: Lagerstätte
Cat nr: LAGER009
Genre: AmbientTracks:
1. Bowl 10’59
2. Natural 14’39
3 Warm Ice 11’02
4. Sparks 14’40

CDR edition limited to 40 copies, burned on high-quality discs and assembled by hand. Comes in a sturdy, numbered cardboard sleeve featuring the Lagerstätte logo.

Dynamic soundscapes sparkling with the inexhaustible magic of nature await on this beautiful new album by Canadian duo Saturn’s Daughter. These four pieces, born from ”melting observations, heightened awareness and joyous creation”, were crafted exclusively from handmade sounds, with no computers, presets or overdubs at all involved. Instead, the live sessions were captured directly from mixer to recorder, fully preserving the inspiration and energy of the original moment.

”These sound worlds are sonic manifestations of angelic realms, love and unity resonating from a clear channel.
May all beings embrace their true celestial spirit self.
Infinite love to all.”
– Michelle Mostacci and Jordan Christoff

Written and produced by Michelle Mostacci and Jordan Christoff.
Mastering by Rob Small.
Cover photo by pencake/

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