Soundquartet – Of no avail CD

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Free improvisation from Soundquartet via Triptychos (sampler from digital source, 2 min from each song)

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Artist: Soundquartet
Title: Of no avail
Format: CD
Label: Triptychos
Cat nr: SSD002
Genre: Free improvisation

1. Of no avail 18:19
2. Quadflow 20:19
3. Porting var.2 13:01
4. Personakt S:4 12:56

The worldmaking of Sound Quartet is captivating music shaped by electroacoustic research, humaninterface development, extended playingtechniques, joint composition and experimental performance.
The ensemble was established in the nineties at Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) Sweden and Musiques Inventive d’Annecy (MIA) France with Thomas Bjelkeborn as main organiser and Philippe Moenne-Loccoz as co-founder.1. Of no avail – Philippe Moenne-Loccoz electronics/perc, Eva Lindal violin, Paul Pignon reeds/flute/digeridoo/voc, Thomas Bjelkeborn electronics/hid
2. Quadflow – Lisa Ullén prepared piano, Thomas Bjelkeborn electronics/hid, Viktor Zeidner turntables, Lise-lotte Norelius electronics/perc
3. Porting var.2 – Martina Claussen voc/perc/electronics, Emma Lloyd violin, Paul Pignon reeds/flute/voc, Thomas Bjelkeborn electronics/hid
4. Personakt S:4 – Martin Jonsson Tibblin guitar/electronics, Philippe Moenne-Loccoz electronics/perc, Anne Pajunen voc/perc, Thomas Bjelkeborn electronics/hid
Porting var.2 is a artistic work from within the Porting Self project supported by Swedish Performing Arts Agency and Culture Stockholm
All music composed by Sound Quartet
Recorded at Fylkingen Stockholm
Produced and mastered by Studio84 Sweden
Artwork Triptychos
CD Design Elin Hjulström Lord

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