Stefan Klaverdal – Ser du Människa? CD and art

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Art music from Stefan Klaverdal (Album sampler from CD source)


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Artist: Stefan Klaverdal
Title: Ser du Människa?
Label: Dynamik
Cat nr: DY1402
Format: CD and art
Style: EAM/Art music

In this voyage into the realm of texts and voices we enter with different understanding of the meaning of things. Some will understand it as a piece about us humans, some will perceive it as being about the environment around us, and yet again some will perceive it to be about religious questions.

Hear the voices as music. Or sing in the booklet (Artist’s book) by visual artist Christel Hansson.

The sounds in this text/sound composision is a organic continuation of a long project called “Text Sound and Space” that started in 2012 in collaboration with theologian Lena Sjöstand. In this particular form it takes the shape of a fixed format sound piece, but can also be experienced as a computer-interactive piece, a piece for choir, a micro-theatre and a meditation.

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