Valerio Tricoli – Say Goodbye To The Wind CD

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Experimental electronica from Valerio Tricoli ‎via Shelter Press (album sampler from digital source, 2 min from each song)


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Artist: Valerio Tricoli
Title: Say Goodbye To The Wind
Format: CD

Label: Shelter Press
Cat nr: SP139
Genre: Electronic/Experimental


1 Spopolatore 25:44
2 Mimosa Hostilis 17:02
3 De Vacuum Magdeburgicus 17:44

First emerging during the early years of the new millennium, over the last two decades, the Palermo born, Munich based composer, Valerio Tricoli, has forged a singular path within experimental sound practice, continuously rethinking the relationship between electroacoustic composition and narrative possibility. Say Goodbye to the Wind, his first LP with Shelter Press, stands among his most poetic and groundbreaking efforts to date. Across three intricate, deeply personal works of concrète music – dense with themes drawn from J.G. Ballard, Samuel Beckett, theosophy, and the temporal blur of DMT – the composer blurs the boundaries between the tangible and abstract, weaving complex allegories for the self.

Exploring auditory phenomena and the narrative potential of electronic and acoustic sound sources, Valerio Tricoli’s work – as it has appeared across a carefully executed body of solo recordings, as well as noteworthy collaborations with Stefano Pilia, Dean Roberts, Thomas Ankersmit, Hanno Leichtmann, and numerous others – rests at the shadowy juncture of internal and external worlds; a meeting place where the synthetic and organic give way to utterances of the existential, psychological, physical, and occult. Most commonly created on a Revox B77 reel-to-reel – manipulating, live  more

Composed by Valerio Tricoli in Munich 2016-21.
Ecka Mordecai — cello on I, II & III,
Lucio Capece — soprano saxophone on III,
Ida Toninato — vocals on III.Mastered by Rashad Becker at Clunk
Artwork by Mårten Lange from the series ‘The Mechanism’ (2017)
Design by Bartolomé Sanson


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