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Altar Of Flies – Bortom Reven LP

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Experimental electronica and noisec from Altar Of Flies via iDEAL Recordings (audio sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)

In stock


Artist: Altar Of Flies
Title: Bortom Reven
Format: Vinyl clear blue 12″
Label: iDeal Recordings
Cat nr: iDEAL 191
Genre: Noise/Experimental electronica


A1 Hur Regn Uppstår
A2 Terapimusik
A3 Bortom Reven
B1 Sekler
B2 Under Vår Livstid
B3 Nervträd
  • Distributed By – Boomkat
    Composed By, Recorded By – Mattias Gustafsson
  • Mastered By – Viktor OttossonBack cover states 2020 as releaseyear but it was in fact released in June 2021. Recorded at Traststigen in 2017. Numbered edition of 250 copies.

Cold crushed electronics and tape noise by iDEAL faithful, Altar of Flies, returning to his native Swedish label with a 3rd album of possessed and unsettling tonal abstraction and psychoacoustic isolationism

Known to the reaper as Mattias Gustafsson, Alter of Flies is the Mjölby-based sound artist’s most prolific alias, responsible for dozens of tapes and LPs for Chondritic Sound and White centipede Noise beside his trio of turns for iDEAL since the mid ‘00s. ‘Bortom Reven’ sticks closely to what he does best, conjuring bleakly depressive atmospheres ripe for inhabitation by the harder-to-please followers of North European ambient and industrial musicks, with an alchemic application of field recordings, tape loops, and primitive oscillators that vividly brings his thoughts into the dark light.

‘Bottom Reven’ is perhaps reflective of a certain, ascetic and isolated Swedish characteristic, enacting solitary rituals that better connect Altar of Flies with his environment, or simply entertain him during long, cold, dark nights. With hints of CMvH’s EVP and John Duncan’s searching shortwave radio textures to ‘Hur regn uppstår,’ and more ruptured reception of scrambled ether voices in ‘Terapimusik,’ alongside the title track’s worn-out nub of intrigue, and the damp basement clangour of ‘Under vår livstid’; its not one for those who get shook by the sight of their own shadow, but a real treat for listeners of a lonelier disposition who get off on the sound of the house creaking at night.
Text from Boomkat

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