Angaudlinn – Stories from the red book

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Synthpop and Electronica from Angaudlinn (sampler from digital source)



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Artist: Angaudlinn
Title: Stories from the red book
Format: 12″ orange vinyl
Label: Electronic Obsession
Cat nr: EO 003
Genre: Synthpop/Electronica“…in Gondor the New Year will always now begin upon the twenty-fifth of March when Sauron fell, and you were brought out of the fire to the King.”That very same date, the twenty-fifth of March, is also the release date for the first full length album by swedish electronic act Angaudlinn on independent label Electronic Obsession whose earlier releases include Machinepop and Imiafan.
There is no doubt about it. Angaudlinn is a nerdy project. Everything revolves around nerdy subjects. From the wonderful and fantastic world of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, which is the inspiration behind all lyrics and music, to some of the almost half a century old machines used to record the result. And now everything has come together on the nerdiest of formats; vinyl.
“Stories From The Red Book” (EO 003) is pressed in an edition of 300 copies on translucent orange vinyl with swirl highlights in solid red. Each copy contains eight vocal tracks with another eight instrumental intermissions giving a total of sixteen tracks. Four tracks has swedish vocals and the other four are sung in english. Each album comes hand numbered on both label and the accompanying obi styled lyrics sheet. A lyrics sheet which also contains a gear list for each track.
The first Angaudlinn appearance, at least under this name, was on the now sold out cassette box
“Dögrävardisko” released on Dödsdans Rekords. Since then Angaudlinn has only released digital singles. So this is the first time on vinyl, which is the preferred format to enjoy music, at least according to Angaudlinn.
Discover the different musical landscapes and structures, from the experimental instrumentals like “Angaudlindalë VII” to the more industrial oozing “Spiderpets” with moody “Gondolin” and cheerful “Mitt Äventyr” somewhere in between.

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