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Dan Fröberg & Alexandra E Lindh – Postmorse

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Field recordings, drone and sound art from Dan Fröberg & Alexandra E Lindh via Kning Disk (audio sampler from digital version)


Out of stock


Artist: Dan Fröberg & Alexandra E Lindh
Title: Postmorse
Format: Gatefold vinyl 2×12″ (one black and one transparent)
Label: Kning Disk
Cat nr: AD122
Genre: Drone/Sound artA double vinyl album in a limited edition of 444 copies.Composers and artists Alexandra E. Lindh and Dan Fröberg hereby unearth the second installment in their trilogy of holygrams, in where TINGENS VILJA (T.V.) was the initiation.TINGENS VILJA presented a documentation of the ‘here’ that we know; experienced from a vibrating point within the gap, where one is on the inside of the outside – simultaneously excluded and included.

POSTMORSE is a sound wave-based testament of the state of being in which all physical aspects of life dissolve. It is the journey we start when leaving this level to enter one that demands release from human existence.

The becoming can only be described as a continuous transmission of conscious and unconscious, life, death, future, past, logic and chaos – past evil and good. Frequencies appear, revealing random religions and vast territories inhabited by intuition only. You are shifted between this vastness and the comfort of something you know. Ground and body removed, regularly. Within and with this pulse escalating, you will find the deepest form of comfort in the revelation of which this work is based upon. That you are of this vastness. That you know it – and thus; all.

In the process of construction, Lindh and Fröberg use a spacious spectrum of vibrations, all recorded and memorized by their intentions.

Based on field recordings, church organs, magnetic tape, presence, captured light from shadows and ancient knowledge; POSTMORSE transmits the truth in stereophonic honesty.

The depth in the works of Lindh and Fröberg, both together and separately, includes many channels. Alongside the audial; they spend as much time in the visual field of manifestation.

Fröberg’s and Lindh’s previous recording, TINGENS VILJA (Kning Disk KD093) received the Nutida Sound prize, for being one of the best releases of contemporary music in 2012.

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