Daniel Troberg – Acid Story EP

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Acid & Techno from Daniel Troberg via Acid Lamour (Audio clips from digital source)

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Artist: Daniel Troberg
Title: Acid Story EP
Format: Vinyl 12″

Label: Acid Lamour (Lamour Records)
Cat nr: AL003
Genre: Techno/Acid

A1 – Acid Story 7’59
A2 – Happosateessa 5’58
B1 – Bajo 6’21
B2 – Alto 6’40

Edition of 303 (no repress)
Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Acid Lamour logo and artwork by RolfCarlWerner

Daniel Troberg from the Aland Islands has been producing his own style of music since the early 90s and is today based in Los Angeles, CA, and known for his 20 year involvement with cult synthesizer manufacturer Elektron as well as having his own radio show Transition on internet and FM radio station Dublab.

These 4 tracks conjures up his take on the future acid sound, starting off with the title track “Acid Story”, recorded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2007 and melding together ideas derived both from Age Of Love “Age Of Love” and Phuture “Acid Tracks” with the unmistakeable Troberg twist. “Happosateessa” channels the 90s suggestive acid style with a minimal and elegant sound design approach. “Alto” and “Bajo” were both produced in Ensenada, Mexico in 2014 and has a playful and proud latin vibe to them. All tracks made for big sound systems and adventurous DJs. Enjoy this trip!*

DJ Support and feedback
• Timo Maas “This is pretty mental at the right space at the right time!”
Douglas Fugazi “Woaaah! Sounds really super good this release. Elegant sound design approach for big sound systems!”
• Mijk van Dijk “Love the dreamy 303s in track 2 to 4.”
• Stefan Weise “Acid Story is dope. Thank you!”
• Danny Tenaglia
• Pure FM “full power..Bests steve”

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