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Fyloop LP

17,50 (Outside EU: 14,00)

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360 locked grooves by Fylkingen artists.
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In stock

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Artist: Various
Label: Fylkingen Records
Cat nr: FYLP 1033
Format: White Vinyl 12″
Style: EAM & art music

360 locked grooves by Fylkingen artists. Subsidized by the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs.

  • Cover, Design – Johan Lindvall
  • Executive-Producer – Johan Lindvall



A1 Irina Anufrieva Ira_sound1
A2 Irina Anufrieva Ira_4
A3 Irina Anufrieva Ira_2
A4 Irina Anufrieva Ira_3
A5 Jan Carleklev Frys
A6 Jan Carleklev Papi
A7 Jan Carleklev Rumba
A8 Jan Carleklev Mille
A9 Jan Carleklev Swan
A10 Jan Carleklev Frippe
A11 David Linnros Saxophone Solo 2
A12 Henrik Rylander Infinite Feedback 1
A13 Henrik Rylander Final Danceable Solution 1
A14 Henrik Rylander The Beat
A15 Henrik Rylander White Power
A16 Henrik Rylander Final Danceable Solution 2
A17 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100123_001321
A18 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100123_001641
A19 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100123_001728
A20 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100123_001835
A21 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100123_002204
A22 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100123_002256
A23 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100123_002403
A24 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100123_002426
A25 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100203_021225
A26 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100203_021303
A27 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100203_021329
A28 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100203_021535
A29 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100203_021626
A30 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100203_021805
A31 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100203_022213
A32 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100203_022950
A33 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100203_023517
A34 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100203_023546
A35 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100203_023634
A36 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100203_023709
A37 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100203_023909
A38 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100203_024208
A39 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100203_024249
A40 Fredrik Olofsson SC_100203_024330
A41 Dr. Robin McGinley The Beat Goes Ondes
A42 Henrik Rylander Connected Forever
A43 Henrik Rylander Infinite Feedback 2
A44 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_bomizom-01
A45 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_bomizom-02
A46 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_bomizom-03
A47 Jacek Smolicki Smolickiloop
A48 Henrik Rylander Dead
A49 Christian Bock Transport
A50 Girilal Baars Ree Quest Ions Of Fun Dings
A51 Jan Carleklev Ripple
A52 Ida Lundén Vaaglinje2
A53 Jocke Roséen Ljusorgel_2005
A54 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_MJb4
A55 Daniel Borgegård Älgå Tenorsax3
A56 Daniel Borgegård Älgå Tenorsax2
A57 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_MJs1
A58 Daniel Rozenhall Suffering (Or Not)
A59 Jan Liljekvist Brum2
A60 Jan Liljekvist Brum3
A61 Dinka Pignon Hendrix/Pignon_Hendrix_1
A62 Dinka Pignon Hendrix/Pignon_Hendrix_2
A63 Dinka Pignon Hendrix/Pignon_Hendrix_3
A64 Dinka Pignon Hendrix/Pignon_Hendrix_4
A65 Dinka Pignon Hendrix/Pignon_Hendrix_5
A66 Dinka Pignon Hendrix/Pignon_Hendrix_6
A67 Dinka Pignon Hendrix/Pignon_Hendrix_7
A68 Dinka Pignon Hendrix/Pignon_Hendrix_8
A69 Dinka Pignon Hendrix/Pignon_Hendrix_9
A70 Daniel Borgegård Älgå Tenorsax1
A71 Daniel Rozenhall Germicide
A72 Daniel Rozenhall Neuralgia
A73 Daniel Rozenhall Three Steps In The Mouth Of A Tadpole
A74 Jan Liljekvist Love1
A75 David Linnros Saxophone Solo 3
A76 Jan Liljekvist Allt
A77 Jan Liljekvist Mane
A78 Jan Liljekvist Varg
A79 Jan Liljekvist Brum1
A80 Jan Liljekvist Love2
A81 Jan Liljekvist Svisch
A82 Hanna Hartman Tloop
A83 Johan Boberg J
A84 Johan Boberg O
A85 Johan Boberg H
A86 Johan Boberg A
A87 Iwo Myrin Synthesizer
A88 Iwo Myrin Cut-up 2
A89 Iwo Myrin Cut-up 3
A90 Iwo Myrin TV Cut-up 4
A91 Johan Boberg N
A92 Hanna Hartman BoxLoop
A93 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_Fabi_a_ka
A94 David Linnros Saxophone Solo 1
A95 David Bremer George Moran Stovepipe
A96 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_bowwowow
A97 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_Dol_li_do
A98 David Bremer Charles Mack Stovepipe
A99 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_Oliow
A100 Gunnel Pettersson & Amit Sen Sinnet_tillskriver
A101 Ingrid Engarås In Collaboration With Karl Ture Rydby 1 – Onk Pa
A102 Ingrid Engarås In Collaboration With Karl Ture Rydby 3 – Fountain
A103 Ingrid Engarås In Collaboration With Karl Ture Rydby 2 – Ventilation
A104 Joel Dittrich HSS3
A105 Charlotte Engelkes Loop 1
A106 Charlotte Engelkes Loop 5
A107 Charlotte Engelkes Loop 2
A108 Bo Leth Leth Locked Groove
A109 Adrian Knigth Fyrecloop
A110 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_BO_zo_bowow
A111 Helene Hedsund* HelenesSnutt
A112 Daniel Wiklander Loop09
A113 Daniel Wiklander Loop010
A114 Daniel Wiklander Loop01
A115 Daniel Wiklander Loop02
A116 Daniel Wiklander Loop08
A117 Daniel Wiklander Loop011
A118 Daniel Wiklander Loop03
A119 Daniel Wiklander Loop04
A120 Charlotte Engelkes Loop 4
A121 Daniel Wiklander Loop05
A122 Daniel Wiklander Loop06
A123 Daniel Wiklander Loop07
A124 Fredrik Gran Gran_loop_001
A125 Fredrik Gran Gran_loop_003
A126 Fredrik Gran Gran_loop_008
A127 Joel Dittrich Fyloop03
A128 Fredrik Gran Gran_loop_002
A129 Fredrik Gran Gran_loop_004
A130 Fredrik Gran Gran_loop_005
A131 Fredrik Gran Gran_loop_006
A132 Fredrik Gran Gran_loop_007
A133 Jan Carleklev Fyloop_carleklev
A134 Johan E Andersson Untitled
A135 J-L Huhta* Circle 1
A136 Johan Boberg Fyloop-boberg-del1
A137 J-L Huhta* Circle 2
A138 J-L Huhta* Circle 3
A139 Carolina Hindsjö Och Lukas Nystrand von Unge Blandade-snuttar/carolina_kludd3
A140 Carolina Hindsjö Och Lukas Nystrand von Unge Blandade-snuttar/carolina_kludd1
A141 Carolina Hindsjö Och Lukas Nystrand von Unge Blandade-snuttar/carolina_kludd4
A142 Carolina Hindsjö Och Lukas Nystrand von Unge Blandade-snuttar/carolina_kludd2
A143 Anna Linder Sister Drag With Brother At Blaikfjället_080711
A144 Andreas Axelsson STE-001
A145 Olof Thiel Vandringen
A146 Thomas Liljenberg Untitled 3
A147 Thomas Liljenberg Untitled 1
A148 Thomas Liljenberg Untitled 7
A149 Wenche Tankred Never Ending Story
A150 Thomas Liljenberg Untitled 8
A151 Pär Thörn & Ola Lindefelt Eter-loop4
A152 Pär Thörn & Ola Lindefelt Eter-loop3
A153 Ulf Bilting UlfB
A154 Pär Thörn & Ola Lindefelt Eter-loop5
A155 Thomas Liljenberg Untitled 5
A156 Thomas Liljenberg Untitled 6
A157 Thomas Liljenberg Untitled 2
A158 Thomas Liljenberg Untitled 4
A159 Pär Thörn Loop2
A160 Pär Thörn Loop1
A161 Per Magnusson 111
A162 Per Åhlund Loop1
A163 Per Åhlund Loop2
A164 Per Åhlund Loop3
A165 Per Åhlund Loop4
A166 Per Åhlund Loop5
A167 Per Åhlund Loop6
A168 Sten-Olof Hellström* StenOlofH3
A169 Sten-Olof Hellström* StenOlofH1
A170 Sten-Olof Hellström* StenOlofH2
A171 SU-EN Feverish-ren-1
A172 Stefan Klaverdal Fire
A173 Raymond Strid A Mosquito In Your Brain
A174 Sören Runolf Umeå_1
A175 Sören Runolf Umeå_2
A176 Sören Runolf Umeå_3
A177 Sören Runolf Umeå_4
A178 Sören Runolf Wres60617_1
A179 Sören Runolf Wres60617_2
A180 Stefan Klaverdal Vl_knasterrytm
A181 Stefan Klaverdal England
A182 Stefan Klaverdal England
A183 Per Sacklén Icon 1
A184 Per Sacklén Icon 2
A185 Per Sacklén Icon 3
A186 Sören Runolf Infi_1
A187 Sören Runolf p52-imp_0
A188 Sören Runolf p52-imp_1
A189 Sören Runolf CH1234_1.2_2
A190 Sören Runolf Tendk-1_demo_2end
A191 Sören Runolf Tendk-1_demo_insug
A192 Sören Runolf Tendk-1_demo_1
A193 Sören Runolf CH1234_1.2_1
A194 Susanne Skog Fylax1A
A195 Pascal Jardry Grind Rep Bas
A196 Tom Brennan Language Is
A197 Per Svensson El / Element 1
A198 Sol Andersson 1
A199 Sten Sandell Spår 01
A200 Teddy Hultberg Appell V π III
A201 Sol Andersson 01-120108_1228noisered
A202 Mike Harding Thrum
A203 Katrin von Retting Stub
A204 Marja-leena Sillanpää 5 sillanpää
A205 Marja-leena Sillanpää 1 sillanpää
A206 Mike Harding Flutter
A207 Mike Harding Serrata
A208 Lars Larsson Från Toppen Mix 2
A209 Lars Larsson Katarina Mix
A210 Lars Larsson Päshy Mix
A211 Lars Larsson Från Toppen Mix 1
A212 Lars Larsson Voice Mix
A213 Lars Larsson Vade
A214 Lars Larsson Ann Cholott Mis
A215 Lise-Lotte Norelius Mm72
A216 Lise-Lotte Norelius Vibra
A217 Lise-Lotte Norelius Dynalink.1
A218 Lise-Lotte Norelius Dynalink.2
A219 Lise-Lotte Norelius Brun-7takt
A220 Lise-Lotte Norelius Trumseq
A221 Lise-Lotte Norelius Tuggboll
A222 Lise-Lotte Norelius Persiljevev
A223 Lise-Lotte Norelius Baspurr
A224 Lise-Lotte Norelius 2sek_magnet
A225 Lise-Lotte Norelius Dynalink.3
A226 Marja-leena Sillanpää 4 Sillanpää
A227 Marja-leena Sillanpää 3 Sillanpää
A228 Johan Lundell Fyloop 1
A229 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_sAAA
A230 Johan Lindvall ProLoop_Lylloop_ClaX
A231 Johan Lindvall ProLoop_Lylloop_DnixO
A232 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_Tzakakzz
A233 Johan Lindvall ProLoop_Lylloop_zibzab
A234 Mathias Josefsson Achrn
A235 Mathias Josefsson Shklhd1
A236 Mathias Josefsson Shklhd2
A237 Lars Bröndum NewLoop2
A238 Lars Bröndum NewLoop3
A239 Lars Bröndum Xamb
A240 Lars Bröndum NewLoop1
A241 Johan Lindvall Tanthakan17
A242 Johan Lindvall Tanthakan32
A243 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_TH17
A244 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_TH32
A245 Lars Bröndum Pulse01
A246 Olle Åberg Nyi11
A247 Lars Bröndum Theremin
A248 Lars Bröndum Comb
A249 Lars Bröndum Rhythm01
A250 Lars Bröndum LFO
A251 Lars Bröndum Crackel
A252 Martin Dunér SSLBLoop
A253 Johan Lindvall Mr Juano – Beat4
A254 Johan Lindvall Mr Juano – Sound1
A255 Olle Åberg Pelkro
A256 Olle Åberg Vorkile
A257 Olle Åberg Dujoello
A258 Olle Åberg Flärp
A259 Lise-Lotte Norelius Knarr
A260 Lise-Lotte Norelius Ticktack
A261 Olle Åberg Nyi33
A262 Olle Åberg Nyi22
A263 Lise-Lotte Norelius Pickhopp
A264 Lise-Lotte Norelius Avlopp
A265 Lise-Lotte Norelius Kluckmelodi
A266 Lise-Lotte Norelius Källardörr
A267 Johannes Bergmark Det Här Är Kriminella Element
A268 Lars Bröndum Pulse02
A269 Jonatan Liljedahl Kymatica_loop1_2
A270 Magnus Alexanderson MagnusAlexFylaxLoop
A271 Marja-leena Sillanpää 2 Sillanpää
A272 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_Zi
A273 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_Oza
A274 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_Owowowo
A275 Mari Kretz EarthBound-MariKretz
A276 Jonatan Liljedahl Kymatica_loop1_3
A277 Jonatan Liljedahl Kymatica_loop2_1
A278 Jonatan Liljedahl Kymatica_loop2_2
A279 Jonatan Liljedahl Kymatica_loop2_3
A280 Jonatan Liljedahl Kymatica_loop3_1
A281 Jonatan Liljedahl Kymatica_loop3_2
A282 Jonatan Liljedahl Kymatica_loop3_3
A283 Jonatan Liljedahl Kymatica_loop4_1
A284 Jonatan Liljedahl Kymatica_loop4_2
A285 Jonatan Liljedahl Kymatica_loop4_3
A286 Jonatan Liljedahl Kymatica_loop5_1
A287 Jonatan Liljedahl Kymatica_loop5_2
A288 Jonatan Liljedahl Kymatica_loop5_3
A289 Jonatan Liljedahl Kymatica_bowl1
A290 Jonatan Liljedahl Kymatica_bowl3
A291 Jonatan Liljedahl Kymatica_bowl2
A292 Jonatan Liljedahl Kymatica_loop1_1
A293 Leif Elggren Voodoo Doll
A294 Mari Kretz Stjernfall-MariKretz
A295 Mike Harding Inspector Firms
A296 Katrin von Retting Refill
A297 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_Wz7
A298 Johan Lindvall ProLoop_Lylloop_Oomb
A299 Mathias Josefsson Lth
A300 Mathias Josefsson Ccts
A301 Mattias Petersson U_p
A302 Johanna Rosenqvist KOEFF_further1
A303 Johanna Rosenqvist KOEFF_further2
A304 Johanna Rosenqvist KOEFF_Darkness1
A305 Johanna Rosenqvist KOEFF_Darkness2
A306 Johan Lindvall Lylloop_Qzzzi
A307 Mathias Josefsson Stx
A308 Mathias Josefsson Phlgthn
A309 Mathias Josefsson Snrt_kmmr_sgnln
A310 Mathias Josefsson Hr_d_hrt_vsn_frr
A311 Mats Erlandsson Dust_V
A312 Mats Erlandsson Dust_I
A313 Mats Erlandsson Dust_II
A314 Mats Erlandsson Dust_VI
A315 Mats Erlandsson Dust_IV
A316 Mats Erlandsson Dust_III
A317 Mats Erlandsson Dust_VII
A318 Mats Erlandsson Dust_VIII
A319 Mats Erlandsson Section_I
A320 Mats Erlandsson Dust_VIIII
A321 Mats Erlandsson Section_IV
A322 Mats Erlandsson Section_III
A323 Mats Erlandsson Section_II
A324 Marcus Wrangö 05_720
A325 Marcus Wrangö 04_360
A326 Marcus Wrangö 06_1440
A327 Marcus Wrangö 08_5760
A328 Marcus Wrangö 07_2880
A329 Marcus Wrangö 10_23040
A330 Marcus Wrangö 09_11520
A331 Leo Tsouo Slag
A332 Leo Tsouo Knastr
A333 Leo Tsouo Expb#9
A334 Lars Åkerlund Loop
A335 Marcus Wrangö MemoriesOfVinylDisks
A336 Tippi & Leo Tsouo Kula
A337 Marcus Wrangö 03_180
A338 Marcus Wrangö 02_90
A339 Marcus Wrangö X_ALL
A340 Marcus Wrangö 01_45
A341 Leo Tsouo Magma
A342 Leif Jordansson Loop 2
A343 Leif Jordansson Loop 1
A344 Mari Kretz NerveSwing-MariKretz
A345 Liv Strand Dradra
A346 Mike Harding Steam Toot
A347 Jonna Sandell 06 Spår 06 3
A348 Katrin von Retting Tah
A349 Karin Hellqvist 03 L’art De Toucher Le Clavecin – 2, For Piccolo With Violin
A350 Martin Q Larsson Patar
A351 Mats Gustafsson A Living Room
A352 Magdalena Meitzner Loop Fylkingen
A353 Lisa Ullén Lisa Solo Resurge 15-1-2011
A354 Beth Laurin Sound Sculpture – Sound Sculpture – Sound Sculpture – – –
A355 Ulf Gertz UlfGertz_R09_0008
A356 Ulf Gertz UlfGertz_AnVela
A357 Ulf Gertz UlfGertz_R09_0006
A358 Ulf Gertz UlfGertz_AnWe3x
A359 Lena Frilund 12 Spår 12
A360 Ann Rosén Rara

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