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Great Learning Orchestra (GLO) – Miniatures (2×12″)

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The Great Learning Orchestra “Miniatures” consists of 56 pieces of music as a presentation of a number of the musicians and artists who gather in the orchestra. The songs are as different as the members of the orchestra – the collections for the “Miniatures” are that they are one minute long.

In stock

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Artist: Great Learning Orchestra
Title: Miniatures
Format: 2×12″ vinyl
Label: Great Learning Recordings
Cat nr: GLRLP001
Genre: Various art music

Edition of 300

Idea and concept: Leif Jordansson
Mastered by Girilal Baars at Nature Calls
Cover: Thomas Elovsson
Graphic design: Mathias Elovsson

Im memoriam – Eva Erbenius

The Great Learning Orchestra is a network of over 100 musicians from different genres, cities and countries meeting to explore music at the center of listening. GLO has its base in Stockholm but collaborates with composers and musicians from around the world.

In 1980, the LP came “Miniatures (A Sequence Of Fifty One Tiny Masterpieces Edited By Morgan-Fisher)” with oneminute songs by artists such as The Residents, Robert Wyatt, Fred Frith and Maggie Nicols. Last year, The Great Learning Orchestra released the double-LP “Miniatures” – equally sharing a tribute as a theft of the original concept!
The Great Learning Orchestra “Miniatures” consists of 56 pieces of music as a presentation of a number of the musicians and artists who gather in the orchestra. The songs are as different as the members of the orchestra – the collections for the “Miniatures” are that they are one minute long.
1. 1min4 – composer Paul Pignon
Performed by the GLO, pitched instruments only
Recorded at Fylkingen, Stockholm
Recorded by  Ingvar Loco
Mixed by  Johan E Andersson A’tuin – Marco Heimburger
Recorded and mixed in Missklang Studio by Marco Heimburger
Länk till till demos och ljudexperiment:

3. Acoustic Arc –  Pelle Halvarsson
Pelle Halvarsson – Cello x 8
Recorded at: Lilla Bält
Recorded by: Pelle Halvarsson
Mixed by: Pelle Halvarsson/Leif Jordansson

4. ADHD – Peter Lindroth
Peter Lindroth: Pianos
Recorded at Kapellet
Recorded and mixed by Johan E. Andersson

5. The Adventures of a Small Melody – Bebe Risenfors
Bebe Risenfors: Guitar, clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, cornet, alto horn, piano, drums & bass
Recorded at: Sounds & Music, Beddinge, Sweden
Recorded by: Bebe Risenfors
Mixed by: Bebe Risenfors
Check out my music at:

6. Basklarinettsolo – Christer Bothén
Bassclarinet piece containing circular breathing and some extended technique. Solo is an important part of my work! If music includes communication, you must also be in communication with yourself. Both music and myself is still a mystery to me. Recorded in Studio Fred Hell 15/1 2016.

7. Birth 2 – Anna Petraskevica
Anna Petraskevica: flute
Yann Le Nestour: piano, viola da gamba, clarinets
Recorded and mixed in Stockholm by Yann Le Nestour

8. Floating – Lisa Ullén
Lisa Ullén: piano, recorded and mixed

9. Compact Loving – Johannes Bergmark
Made at the Electronic Music Studio, Stockholm, 2016.
The piece is based on two recordings of my A4-text-piece “Love”, one from the premiere (?) 2004 and the other from Marabouparken 2014, filmed by an unknown person and shared on youtube.
More about these here:
The performers are respective versions of GLO, but the individual participants on each occasion are mostly unknown to me, although I was in it myself the second time. A special tribute to the unknown trombonist who plays the stylish and atmospheric closing notes (2004).

10. B20 – David Linnros

11. Torbjörn Bellind – december (epilog)
For morin khuur (Mongolian horse head fiddle) and electro-acoustic modular synthesiser.
Through piezo microphones, the modular amplifies movements of hand and bow. In turn, these ingoing signals are voltage controlling timbral aspects of a sampling (chimes).
Performed by Torbjörn Bellind.
Recorded in 19 December 2015, live in home studio.
This is a short solo improvisation on a longer piece with the same name. It marks a boundary between the past and the present; a closure for the year that past, with hopes for a brighter future.

12. Diskelegi – Leo Correia de Verdier
Leo Correia de Verdier: Water tap
Recorded at Lagfartsvägen 44, apt. 1102 by Leo Correia de Verdier
Mixed by Leo Correia de Verdier

13. Do your research – Leif Jordansson

14. Doomed I am to wander – Yann Le Nestour
Yann Le Nestour: voice and clarinet
Lisa Ullén: piano
Recorded and mixed in Stockholm by Yann Le Nestour


1. East South West North Center – Björn Eriksson
Björn Eriksson: Live electronics with Pure Data, performing/processing/recording
Recorded at: Ljudform Studios, Sollefteå Sweden
Recorded by: Björn Eriksson
Mixed by: Björn Eriksson

2. Echo Chamber at Östermalmstorg Subway Station – Robin McGinley
Robin McGinley: Claves
Recorded at: Under the cupola, between the escalators (towards Östermalmstorg exit) Östermalmstorg Subway Station, Stockholm, 5th December 2015
Recorded by: Robin McGinley
Mixed by: Robin McGinley

3. Evolution 1.3 – Anders Erkéus
Anders Erkéus: Text, röst, gitarr och effekter
Fabian Kempe: Gitarr

4. Freakvalsen – Jan Liljekvist
Jan Liljekvist: violin.
Inspelad och mixad på EMS, Stockholm.

5. Gläntan (kort visit) – Gilbert Johansson
Gilbert Johansson: Guitar, Juno 106, vibraphone, drums
Karl Jonas Winqvist: Fender Rhodes
Recorded and produced by Gilbert Johansson at Lilla Atlas, Stockholm

6. Grey and Green – Interzone Inc (feat. Jonas Ellerström)
Inspelad och producerad i Brittstudio av Interzone Inc

7. Homage Aquatisme – Ingvar Loco Nordin
Ingvar Loco Nordin: concrete sounds / electroacoustics
Recorded in Niemisel at Station 45
Recorded and mixed by Ingvar Loco Nordin

8. Hunted, a Prelude – Björn Wallgren
Björn Commando Wallgren: Guitar
Recorded in: Mariabergen
Recorded by: Petter Kärnekull
Mixed by: Björn Commando Wallgren

9. I trädet – Ann-Louise Liljedahl
A-L Liljedahl: Vocals, sound
Recorded in studio Molnet, Halmstad 2016
Recorded by: A-L Liljedahl
Mixed by: A-L Liljedahl

10. 2015 invention for any instrument no.27 – Thommy Wahlström
(excerpts and fork from the sound of the spruce today)
Thommy Wahlström – Sopranosaxophone and EA
Recorded in Henny Linn Kjellbergs Ceramic studio in Uppsala
Recorded and mixed by Thommy Wahlström

11. It´s raining men – Eva Erbenius
Recorded and mixed by Eva Erbenius

12. Kafferep med Skandal – Åke Näslund
(Channas coffee party rehearsal – Skandal)
Channa Bankier: Vocals, synth
Bo Weimers: Guitar, vocals
Lennart Fjodor Eriksson: Guitar, vocals
Jonas Larsson: Drums, Vocals
Lill Näslund: vocals
Siv Månsson: vocals
Ruben Dog: vocals
Åke Näslund: bass, vocals
Recorded  2016-01-05
Recorded by: Åke Näslund
Mixed by: Åke Näslund

13. Klezmer Nightmare – Nils Personne
Musik samplat från Sabbath Hela Veckan CD Klez. Mixat och arrangerat av Nils Personne

14. Kontrabassaxofon – Fredric Thurfjell
Fredric Thurfjell: Contrabass Saxophone
Recorded sounds from my contrabass saxophone processed in Protools for at Elektronmusikstudion (EMS).
Originally a 4 channel piece performed at Fylkingen Stockholm December 2015.
The whole piece in stereo:


1.  The Largo Swamp – Bengt Berger
Bygger på storyn om när Satie vid en musikalisk salong sprang omkring och sa till gästerna att inte lyssna på musiken som var tänkt att pågå i bakgrunden. Liveupptagning från en paus på Fasching då jag sagt till publiken att inte lyssna på de ljud vi gjorde.
Inspelad på Fasching i september 2012 m Beches Brew:
Livet Nord – violin
Jonas Knutsson – saxophones
Thomas Gustafsson – saxophones
Sir Thomas Jäderlund – saxophones
Mats Öberg – keyboards
Göran Klinghagen – guitar
Max Schultz – guitar
Stefan Bellnäs – bass
Bengt Berger – drums

2. Late Sleeper – Jonathan Segel
Jonathan Segel: acoustic guitar+ebow, mellotron, violin
recorded at Roth Händle Studios, Sollentuna

3. Motorik  (Kraut) – Magnus Nordén & Johnny Karlsson Kern
Magnus Nordén: drums
Johnny Karlsson Kern: Guitar
Recorded in Hjorthagen, Stockholm
Recorded by: Magnus Nordén
Mixed by: Magnus Nordén

4. Of Ground Under – Peter Norrman
Peter Norrman: Bass, electronics
Recorded at: Three floors down in the deep anonymous basement vaults of Dagens Nyheter Tower aka DN Skrapan.
Recorded by: Peter Norrman
Mixed by: Peter Norrman

5. Painting for P.O. – Thomas Elovsson

6. David Liljemark – Party Mood
David Liljemark: Chilean party toy, keyboard organ, clarinet.
Recorded Nov 30, 2015 at Studio Dayw, Bandhagen, Stockholm.
Felched by The Goat:
The Wonder Boys:
David Liljemark:

7. Grey Table Sketch – Dave Allen
Recorded in Stockholm, 2016

8. Recurring Dreams – Hans Fredriksson
Hans Fredriksson: Guitar M Tron Pro
Recorded at: Home Studio Green World
Recorded by:Hans Fredriksson
Mixed by: Hans Fredriksson

9. Rena Ackorder – utdrag  – Maria Arnqvist
Maria Arnqvist:  piano
Recorded at: Real life
Recorded and mixed by: Maria Arnqvist

10. Retrospektiv – Martin Q Larsson
Bergslagens Kammarsymfoniker
The Basho Ensemble
Stockholm Saxophone Quartet
Matandarnas Transgalaktiska Hiphopkapell
The Mighty Quark
Recorded in Grängesberg, Västerås, Stockholm, Uppsala
Mixed by: Martin Q Larsson

11. Rocket Science – Petter Kärnekull
Petter Kärnekull: Vocals, syntheseizer, loop pedal.
Recorded and composed in 1 minute by Petter Kärnekull at Klang Klong, Bagarmossen, Stockholm.
Mixed by: Petter Kärnekull

12. Rymd – Gustaf Lundh
All production details by Gustaf Lundh
Recorded at/in: GSOMC
Recorded by: Gustaf Lundh
Mixed by: Gustaf Lundh
Biography: Gustaf Lundh is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been working with audio composition and film of different kinds since 2006. The artistic and technical field include music composition, audio design, supervising, film directing and cutting, visual art, graphic design and poetry. In his early era Gustaf worked instrumentally with electronic experimental sampling with help from sequencers, hard- and softwares of different kind. Last five years though his musical work has been simplified and changed direction in two. Great inspiration has been taken from late midieval and high-renaissance counterpoint language from the christian choir and organ tradition. Alongside this a foundation of electroacoustic perspectives has been a big part with the view on music as nothing but sound and frequencies in order of time.

13. Short Ballet – Simon Steensland

14. Skuggabítur – Einar Baldursson
Einar Baldursson: Acoustic guitar
Recorded by: Einar Baldursson
Gösta Berlings Saga – instrumental progressiv rock. Senaste plattan Sersophane släpps 16:e december.
Urgur – fri improvisationstrio med Mikael Tuominen – bas och Andreas Axelsson – trummor. Plattan Psell kom 2013 och finns på Spotify:


​1. Spår – Johan E. Andersson
Johan E. Andersson: Vibraphones, Marimba
Recorded at: Kapellet
Recorded by: Johan E. Andersson
Mixed by: Johan E. Andersson

2. Sticks & Stones – Niklas Billström
Double bass: Niklas Billström
Recorded at: Konstfack
Recorded by: Niklas Billström
Mixed by: Niklas Billström

3. STIM, a Binatural Recording at Hornsgatan 103 – Henrik Andersson

4. Surium – Girilal Baars
Girilal Baars: voices
Recorded in: Nature Calls, Uppsala
Recorded by: Girilal Baars
Mixed by: Girilal Baars

5. Teardrop – Isak Sundström
Vincent Williams: Vocals
Isak Sundström: Pipe Organ
Recorded in Öja Church.
Recorded by Isak Sundström
Mixed by Isak Sundström

6. That Goes To Show – Blago Bung
Martti Soutkari: vocals
Jonas Ellerström: bass
Petter Herbertsson: guitar, keyboards, percussion
Recorded at Varelsen, Malmö
Produced & mixed by Petter Herbertsson

7. The Third Place – Sten Sandell
recorded by Niklas Billström at the Swedish Radio 2004.

8. Time is All We Have – New Rose
Daniel Bengtson: Bass
Niklas Korssell: Drums
Gustav Nygren: Vocals, guitar
Recorded at: Studio Rymden
Recorded by: Daniel Bengtson
Mixed and engineered by Daniel Bengtson.

9. Too fast for love – Alexandra Nilsson
(Radio Two)
Susana Santos Silva: Trumpet
Alexandra Nilsson: Electronics
Recorded at  Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm
Recorded by  Alexandra Nilsson
Mixed by Alexandra Nilsson

10. Tur att det bara är lite harts – Mats Dimming
Mats Dimming: Bow, rosin
Recorded at: EMS Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm
Recorded by: Jay Nein Sane
Mixed by: Mattias Welin (Dimmings frijazztrio APUH!)

11. Två Röda – Sören Runolf
Sören Runolf: 2 Nord Micro Modular
Recorded & Mixed by: Sören Runolf

12. Variations in Construction – Daniel Älgå
Daniel Borgegård Älgå: Bass Clarinet
Recorded at: Älgåljudlaboratorium
Recorded and mixed by: Daniel Borgegård Älgå

13. Volontiers – Jonas Ellerström
Jonas Ellerström: guitar
Göran Kinnander: keyboards, treatments
Recorded at Forest Studio
Produced & mixed by Interzone Inc

14. 208 Clouds – Lars Bröndum

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