Henrik Rylander – Feedback overload unit

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Raw electronica and drone from Henrik Rylander via iDEAL Recordings (album sampler from digital version)

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Artist: Henrik Rylander
Title: Feedback overload unit
Format: 12″ vinyl
Label: iDEAL recordings
Cat nr: iDEAL155
Genre: Drone/Raw electronics

Henrik Rylander’s music has been inside the spine of iDEAL since his 2004 album ”Traditional Arrangements for Feedback”. Rylander’s music now and then, is uniquely made out of feedback, and feedback only. His no-input mixing desk rituals ends up in a sharp, cold, powerful and rough beauty. Listening to ”Feedback Overload Unit”, we draw lines to the unfrieldly works of electro-acoustic masters as Pierre Henry and Gordon Mumma but also to contemporary, like minded spirits as Mika Vainio (RIP) and CM von Hausswolff. Henrik Rylander makes stripped down, minimal, intelligent, raw electronic music that will be your new obsession.

Rylander (b. 1966) was involved in the Radium 226.05 crew in Gothenburg back in the late 80’s/early 90’s as the pulse for the infamous and tragically reunited garage rock outfit Union Carbide Productions, he then formed the shortlived band Sulky before he started to study photography and enjoying a deep interest for sound art and electro-acoustic music. He nowadays works as a forensic photographer working side to side with solo exhibitions of his art, and recording feedback music for iDEAL!



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